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Hi, just moved from Sky to YouFibre and been set up with the Eero 6+ router.

I have a home server which I use for Plex and also to Remote Desktop into when not at home. This used to work fine on Sky with basic port forwarding set up.

Now I can't get any connection into this home server with the ports forwarded in the Eero app.

Not sure whats going on with my IP address as if I google what is my IP get a 154.47.106.xxx address, but in the Eero app it states my WAN IP as 100.94.193.xxx.

I have a script on the server for dynamic URL update, so my url of www.homeserver.org is updated with my external IP so I can connect via the URL at any time, but I've also tried connecting to both the IP addresses above and neither work either.

Anyone help with what I'm missing? Thanks

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    • AndrewAK
    • 7 mths ago
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    I have yet to see a useful answer when it comes to port forwarding when it comes to an eero router. I have managed to set up one port forwarding, but it refuses to open another (so I know how to do it). All Eero support does is points you to their step by step guide.  I am coming to the conclusion that eero have problems with getting their port forward to work.  This router isn't mean for professionals.  Coming to the conclusion that my only option is to dump eero and find another more professional company.

      • Nem
      • 7 mths ago
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       Thanks, been doing some more digging this morning and it seems I  might need to pay extra for a static IP with Youfibre which I didn't need with Sky as I'm in a "double NAT" situation where I've not got a true external IP. So maybe the port forwarding it working, but just not going to the correct IP.

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