iOS 15 Beta 1 devices cannot connect to Euro 6 Pro properly

I have several apple devices-- I upgraded my 11 ProMax to iOS 15.1 beta last night (this device is always on the beta channel).

Using iOS 15.1 I (Released Sept 21, 2021) can connect to the Euro pro, but cannot open any webpages.

ALL other devices can connect to the Euro pro and connect to anything/everything.

I connect the iOS 15.1 (iPhone 11 ProMax) to my ISPs wifi-modem, it works perfectly.

..switching back to the Euro.. doesn't work.


So basically, moving forward, it appears that iOS 15+ currently is not compatible with the Euro pro, but is compatible with everything else out there (I have 5 other routers, it works fine with all of those).


I would say this is Euro's problem, not the users or Apple.  Ya'll can chalk it up to "well, its a beta"... well, it's a beta that will go live soon enough.


Bottom line-- there's only one thing to blame here-- and thats Euro.  Is it because apple isn't letting you guys siphon off info anymore? I dunno, maybe.

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  • Hello aaronuae ,

    Thank you again for reaching out to us! I have sent you a direct message so we can start troubleshooting and so I can get additional information about the device that is having difficulties. When you have time, please review the direct message and send me an email so we can begin troubleshooting.

  • I'm not going to do your beta-testing and work for you.


    REALLY easy here-- go buy some iPhones..put them on iOS 15 and 15.1(beta -- yes, you will need to join their beta program), and test your own stuff.  I'm not your beta-tester, I'm your customer.

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    • aaronuae 

    • tiffanynunley 

    • I found you! Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message and save me continued frustration with eero and iPhone OS 15. I agree with your refusal to participate in troubleshooting! The whole purpose in purchasing this product was the belief that it would corporate a solid and strong Wi-Fi system for my intent to purchase the whole Alexa system. I figured Amazon would invest the time and money to ensure the best product and continue dominating the growing division. I am really angry! It has been a waste of time and has left me back to ground zero.

  • I have. slightly different experience: both my iPhone and iPad work fine but they appear as Unnamed Devices in the list of Computer &Personal.  So it is not as dramatic but still buggy. Would be nice to fix

  • I have an iPhone 13 running iOS 15.1 connected to my eero pro, 3 unit network and have no issues. I only have a 100/10 service so no need for the newer wifi 6 stuff. It seems the older eero pro units are a very stable platform.

    I wonder what changed in the Beta vs regular 15.1 ?

    On another note, you are willing to be a beta tester for Apple but not willing to assist the folks at eero to resolve an issue with your Apple beta firmware? 

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