Wired devices not showing as connected

After updating the eero app to 6.0.0 and subsequently to 6.0.1, none of my wired devices show as connected in the app. They are connected and functioning properly, just not showing as connected in the app. This problem did not exist prior to the update. 

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    I'd like to report that this issue has cropped up again. I'm running the latest software (as of 1/15/21): 6.1.1-14. I have a Mac and a Synology NAS wired in to a switch which is wired in to my gateway Eero. I can't see either in the Eero app. I also have "notify me of new devices" enabled and I've never seen a notification or alert for those devices.

    What I'm trying to do is give my Synology NAS a static IP so I can run a DNS server locally (as well as other things). Outside of seeing the device in the app, is there some other way to do this?

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      ok -- an update. This is NOT a bug! Rather it was my network configuration. I have mostly wireless devices and my two wired devices ended up getting IPs from my ISP's cable modem. Once I put the cable modem in bridge mode and restarted everything I was able to force the wired computers to get IPs from the Eero. So, all good now.

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