Poor Connection in Detached Garage

Hi. Wanted to provide some context before getting to my question. 

We have a 1,600 sq. ft. home with a GB plan from Spectrum. We have an Eero Pro 6 in the office, which is connected to our modem. We used to have a NAS connected to this Eero as well, but the noise of the drive spinning was distracting for my wife. So I moved the NAS to the next room over and connected it to a 1st-gen Eero Pro. Because it isn't possible to enforce which Eero a device joins, my work device in the office inexplicably connected to the older Eero in a different room rather than the Pro 6 that is four feet away. 

This seemed to cause issues, like lag in virtual meetings and a slower download speed, so I replaced the 1st-gen Eero Pro with another Pro 6. 

We also have a Pro 6 in our living room, on the other side of the house. Catty-corner to that living room is a detached garage where we, among other things, work out via virtual sessions with a trainer. 

The garage is approximately 40 feet away from the living room Pro 6. We open the metal garage door when joining meetings to cut down on potential interference. During virtual meetings while in the garage, we have tons of freezing, lagging, out-of-sync audio, and other issues which would seem to stem from a poor connection. We've tested with various other users joining, and it appears local to us. 

I tried putting the 1st-gen Pro in the garage, but the device we use will only join the living room Pro 6. 

Is there anything I can do to improve the connection for this use case? For a product that purports coverage up to 2,000 sq. ft., we may end up with four of them to cover 1,600. 

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    You probably have interference caused by too many eero units. 1,600 sq/ft should easily be covered by a single eero Pro 6. And if I'm understanding you correctly, you have three eero units packed into that 1,600 sq/ft. There is so much radio waves going on around in your house its no wonder that you are having issues. My recommendation would be to have one in your house and put one in your garage (the eero in the garage will likely be able to communicate better with the other eero in the house, as opposed to your devices trying to reach the eero in the house).

    • atblay
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    Interesting! Thanks for the response. I'll give that configuration a try.

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