Wireless node connection issues

I have ATT 1GB fiber with a Nokia router in pass-through mode with fixed DHCP. 

I am running an eero pro 6 with a wired gateway and 2 wireless nodes in Daisy Chain. Approximately 40 connected devices. 

My home is 2 stories and 3400SF.  

Every night around 830pm Central my wifi speeds from my middle node slow to a crawl using Speedtest. Like 1MBPS down and up won’t even register.

Both nodes show full bars and health check always registers okay.

If I walk into my office where my wired gateway is speeds are fine. 

So I know I have an issue with a connection to my node from the gateway. 

I hooked up a laptop via Ethernet to the middle node and speeds were fine. 

This tells me the middle node receives good wifi signal from my wired gateway but for some reason isn’t transmitting good wifi to my devices. 

I have spoken to support once before for a solid hour and troubleshooted this setup to death. They discovered that my ADT TSSC panel was “spoofing” my network creating a matching SSID to my wifi. We disconnected the ADT system and things were back to normal… For 24 hours. 

Now I’m having the same scenario pop up nearly every 24 hours at night.

During trouble shooting we swapped eeros so I know it is not faulty. It is also not over-heating. It is also not an ISP issue. Incoming speeds never slow down!

Since then I have also changed my SSID name and reconnected all of my devices hoping that would remedy the issue.

Nope! I am close to returning this thing and going back to Orbi. My prior wifi setup never had an issue in my home! It is driving me nuts. Even my DirecTV is freezing up!

Help me!!!

*nobody answers my tickets*

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    Went to bed last night with slow speeds. Woke up this morning and they are fine. I’ll prepare for the slowdown again tonight!

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