Odd, sudden performance issue

Been using a Pro/3 set for several months now with no issues.  Until this morning when one of my iMac's suddenly became unable to stay connected the Eero sitting 3 feet away.  I rebooted the computer, forced it to relearn the wifi network, and then rebooted the Eero Network.. Not only did that not work (I was forced to hardwire the iMac directly to the modem) now, my Eero network is reporting about 1/2 the up/down bandwidth the modem is supply and the Eero app traditionally reports back.  I know my model is at full speed because the iMac now hardwired is getting the 300+mps I have, and Eero's app test is reporting only 150ish (when it normally reports the modem's full speed).  Eero network is fully up to date and I've changed nothing about the network at all... thoughts?  thanks!

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  • You don't mention if you tried rebooting the modem. Please do that and after your modem is back up, reboot your gateway eero (the one connected directly to the modem).

    Also, did you try hardwiring your iMac into your eero?

  • I did not reboot the modem because I was getting normal performance from it when I connected the iMac directly to it.  That is an interesting suggestion and will try it later today... thank you!

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