Logitech harmony hub(s) constantly disconnecting

Apparently Harmony hubs don't like mesh wifi SSID's much at all... sometimes I can go days with my hubs remaining connected (green light), but then I have times they disconnect multiple times a day.  The only way to successfully get it to reconnect requires me to turn off my additional 2 eero's leaving only my main one powered.  The logitech harmony hubs then take a couple minutes to jump back on and then I can re-power the 2 eero's.  Not sure who can better fix this issue, eero or logitech... or better yet, maybe Eero can work with logitech to make this issue better for all... Thoughts? 

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  • When did you last connect your Logitech hubs to a computer and check for software updates for them?  

    Latest eero firmware is 1.1.4  

  • Firmware updates for the hubs are actually handled by the iOS app, and they were updated as recently as 2 weeks ago with no change to the disconnect

  • Have you contacted Logitech?  My Logitech hubs aren't having the same issue. I'm also on Eero firmware 1.1.4. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. 

  • Hi  tekie99 —

    Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the eero community. Also, thank you  Richard1864 for chiming in!

    If you haven't yet reached out to our support team regarding this issue you are experiencing with your Harmony hubs, I encourage you to reach out so that we can take a look into what is going on.

    Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

  • I have been having off and on problems with my harmony hub disconnecting too for months. I have tried contacting support but at the time they weren't able to see anything that looked wrong from the eero logs.

  • I have a Harmony Hub and eeros. I had many issues connecting the Harmony Hub (which I blame on the Harmony) so I plugged my old router into one of the eeros and connect to the Harmony through that. That has worked flawlessly. Harmony uses either an old or a homegrown network stack. It doesn't conform to modern standards.

  • That is actually how I have my eero's setup. They are in bridge mode.

  • I've had similar problems with the Harmony hub bouncing from node to node until it disconnects.

    I also have A SmartThings hub in my home.

    When I checked the channels the ST hub was running on channel 6 which potentially interfered with the Eero channels.  I moved that hub to channel 14 which did not overlap and the disconnect issues went away (at least for now).

    I'd suggest that you check for the presence of additional mesh networks, such as SonosNet or a Zigbee network (smart home automation protocol) and make sure that they aren't residing on channels which can interfere with the Eero network.

  • I have two harmony hubs and have not had any issues with them connecting.  Both on wifi to ethernet-enabled Eero units in two different parts of my home, so connecting to two different Eero's.  I do try to update them about every month with any firmware updates.

    I also have several Sonos units running on SonosNet with no issues.  

    As I recall, Harmony was an application by Logitech out of Canada from years ago.  I would bet they inherited a lot of older tech given how long the device has been around in multiple iterations, but not sure how that would affect the hub, which is much newer technology and only been out for perhaps 3 years or so.


  • I'm having a similar issue with the extender. I would have to cycle power each time I tried to use it (the extender is controlling lighting in theater). It was happening so much it even started to do it multiple times while watching TV. Each time requiring power cycle. I disconnected / removed the extender (lost light control) and the hub itself works 100% no issue for days. It appears the extender is repeatedly dropping out all control when connected... Ideas?

  • I have 3 Harmony hubs, all connect fine and stay connected.

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      txgunlover my harmony hub works like a champ... Its the harmony hub extender that is causing issues...

      NOTE: As long as the hub extender is NOT plugged in, the basic remote control of the home theater (projector, onkyo & Xfinity box) via iPhone to hub is rock solid, never an issue.

      My problem is the hub extender (only there to control Wi-Fi lighting) seems to frequently (multiple times during a 3-4 hour viewing) disconnects from network. When the hub extender (only there to control Wi-Fi lighting) disconnects this also interferes with the basic remote control of the home theater (projector, onkyo & Xfinity box).


      1. How can I go about determining what is causing the hub extender to disconnect so frequently?

  • I have an Eero system with two Harmony hubs. I got Eero just 2 months ago and it was been HORRIBLE with Harmony. So frustrating with lots of hours on the phone with both Eero and Logitech. I recently did a fix that seems to work. Harmony hubs are 2.4 GHz only, and I noticed that Eero assigns IP addresses for my Apple Watches (also 2.4 GHz) on a different range of IP addresses. I think my Verizon box assigns 192.168.1, most Eeros are at 192.168.4, but my Watches were at 192.168.7. So I reserved my Harmony Hubs at 192.168.7.xxx and .yyy, and they've been working great since then. To reserve an IP address on your Eero app, go into Settings, Network settings, Reservations & port forwarding, click on "Add a reservation" and find your hubs to reserve an IP address for them.

    Good luck. This has been an awful experience for me and I hope this can save people some time...

    • andrewerman I have 4 Harmony hubs that all work great.

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