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Have Verizon fios 1 gb service and 5 eero pro devices in house.  No issues for over a year. Past month have had slow speeds on all devices at home.  Called Verizon and confirmed 1 fb coming into home.  Called eero today and after 2 hours their answer is that the speeds I am experiencing are within spec and if I want higher speeds to hardware all the eero devices. Kids are complaining about issues home schooling with video freezing and I have have had issues with video as well. What is point of a 1k system WiFi mesh system with speeds that can’t support video unless they are hard wired.   Here is screen shot of speed right now sitting 10 feet from a device. I am done with eero.  

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    I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with the speed of your eero network. I'm not sure of the exact setup and placement of your eeros around your home, but I would like to try and help you if you are still willing to work with us. I have provided two eeros below that will walk you through setting up your network with Verizon Fios and placement of your eeros to ensure that the eeros are in the best place possible for your network. If, after checking through both of these articles, you are still experiencing the slow speeds send me a direct message so I can get some of your account information and take a look at your network.

    The first article below is about placement of your eeros, the second is about ensuring your network is setup to correctly work with Verizon Fios.



    Hope you hear back from you soon,

    James Wilcox

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      James. Thanks. I have read and tried both these suggestions, still nothing.  Part of issue may be that my gateway eero does not identify as gateway on network and instead just says wired  I have tried everything to correct that but can’t get it it work 

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