EERO Pro WiFi "stickiness" with iPhone

I recently replace my 1st generation Google WiFi with the new Google Nest Wifi and I also updated my internet speed with Frontier Fios to 500/500.  Unlike the 1st generation units,  the new Nest WiFi remote APs cannot be backhauled to the main hub since they are completely wirelesss.  The performance around my house (4,000 sq ft) was quite poor despite the Google's claims of greater range coverage for the new model and it would require many more remote APs than I was willing to purchase for better coverage.

The good news is, I returned the new Google Nest Wifi pack and purchased  three eero Pros which are wired to my home network, and has resolved the speed and coverage issue.  I am now receiving almost the full 500/500 bandwidth in each area of the house.  

The problem I am experiencing is with my iPhone XS Max.  I have read elsewhere that the iPhone tends to aggressively hang onto a WiFi AP.   I can be standing right next to a wired eero upstairs but I am still barely connected to the eero downstairs at the front of the house - the iPhone will never switch to the closer eero even if I leave it there for a couple of hours.  A speed test shows about 7 Mbps down and 3 Mpbs up.  When I am standing next to the eero unit that the iPhone is connected to downstairs, I see throughput approach 400Mbps up and down. 

So, this may totally be an iPhone issue.  But my 1st generation Google WiFi units, which were also wired, did not ever show this behavior.  The iPhone seamlessly moved between the wired APs in the house maintaining a strong connection.  The issue is frustrating because no matter what I do, restart the iPhone, disconnect and reconnect from WiFi, forget the network and re-authorize, the iPhone never releases the connection to the distant AP.  At night, when I am upstairs, if one of my Google Nest security cameras triggers a text alert, I cannot connect to the cameras through the Nest App to see what is going on - this is caused by the extremely low throughput the iPhone is experiencing as I described above.

As good as the eero Pros are, I am considering returning them because of this issue.  I think the eero team should attempt to solve this through software or rexamine this issue with the iPhone.

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  • Same issue with my install with a 11 Pro Max

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  • Search the threads, this is a common complaint.  Unfortunately, Eero continues to blame the clients.  I have some that refuse to connect to the AP in the same room.  Others will connect to the one in the same room if you turn Wifi on or off.    I recently did a test with my older ASUS AP's and the hopping between the two was automatic, thus ruling out the client.   Wish this was fixed.

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    • bitzerjdb Clients determine what AP they connect to... not the other way around.  This isn't eero, it's Wifi.

  • Apparently Eero are making headway on the "sticky client" issue. I've noticed our two iPhone 11 Pro Maxs are roaming to the appropriate node more often than not since firmware 3.18 and 3.18.1 were released. We rarely see our phones connected to a node at the wrong end of the house now. (nice one Eero!)  

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  • I have the same issue with an iPhone 11 pro. It will hold onto a very weak 5ghz signal from an eero 6 beacon far away vs moving to a more local beacon.

    Usually it will stick with the driveway AP as it's the first signal you get upon arrival. But as you move about the property it sticks with the connection to that AP vs connecting to APs that are much closer. Often even restarting the phone has no effect. But if I reboot the EERO 6 system the phone will connect to a different AP and then handoff seems to work properly. My EERO 6s are running OS 6.4.0. The iPhone 8s and 6+, and Samsung Note 8  or Galazy 8 do not have this issue. Only the 11 pro iPhone.

    • imurphy907 the problem is, and has existed in the iOS stack for a decade.  Like most other Apple designed products, very little attention is payed to the usability and quality of the product.

  • So I guess the latest update that addresses roaming issues is because the Client has full control?    txgunlover , If what you have said over and over and over was true, there would be no need for an update.

    • bitzerjdb I didn't say the client has full control.   I said that Wifi is defines that being a client responsibility.  AP manufacturers can "cheat" to try to trick clients, but ultimately, it's poor wifi implementation by the clients.

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      txgunlover "Clients determine what AP they connect to... not the other way around.  This isn't eero, it's Wifi."  Your words not mine.  You have been beating this drum for a long time and bashed anyone stating that there was an issue.  Not a big deal, just glad that Eero making changes to fix this nagging issue.

  • Another eero user with the exact same issue here. Reading that this has been going on for several months now is depressing. Where is the resolution? 

    • AllTaken same issue. My ring doorbells are connecting to the farthest not the one right next to it. 

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