2.4GHz / 5GHz Band Switching Causing Problems with Apple HomeKit and Logi Circle View

As discussed in this Apple support thread (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/251670315), users of the Logitech Circle View security camera (myself included) are experiencing a problem relating to 5GHz wifi bands.

Specifically, the Logi Circle View communicates through HomeKit Secure Video, which relies on an Apple ‘HomeHub’ to provide a live-view of the camera, and to record motion events and store these recordings in the user’s iCloud account. 

This camera does NOT record clips when the HOMEHUB (in my case, an Apple HomePod Mini) is connected to the 5GHz band on the same network. 

The camera connects to, and maintains a connection with, the 2.4GHz band on my home network. However, when the HomePod Mini is connected to the 5GHz band on my Eero network, the camera does NOT seem to upload recordings. 

I have tested this hypothesis by following Eero’s troubleshoot > ‘disable 5GHz temporarily’, which turns off the 5GHz band for 15 minutes. Sure enough, the HomePod Mini showed in the Eero app as now being connected to 2.4GHz, and after walking in front of the Logi Circle View camera, a recording appeared in the Apple Home app. 

However, when I re-enabled the 5GHz band on the network, the Apple HomeHub (the HomePod Mini) immediately switched back to the 5GHz band as shown in the Eero app, and now recordings are not working any more. It seems that unless the cameras and the HomeHub are both on the 2.4GHz band, motion events will not be recorded. 

Clearly, this is something that Apple/Logitech need to investigate, BUT given the age of the existing threads on Apple’s forums, it is clear that this will not be resolved any time soon. 

Is Eero Support able to provide any insight or workarounds on this matter? The most obvious solution, to me, is to split up the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands into separate SSIDs (which can be achieved with even the most basic of routers). I understand it is not so simple with a mesh system due to how devices roam around from one AP to another, but in this instance, this ‘feature’ is causing my home security system to fail. 

I am £500+ deep into the Eero ecosystem now, so if this is not possible, I’ll be very disappointed - as it means I cannot trust my security cameras to record motion events, as I cannot guarantee which band my HomeHub will connect to. 

what is very very unusual indeed, is that this issue only presented itself last week. Up until then, I don’t recall noticing this issue of ‘non-recording’. Maybe the HomePod used to connect more regularly to the 2.4GHz band, but alas, the only way I can see guaranteeing this to work reliably, is by splitting into 2 SSIDs.


Would it be possible to force the Eero ‘guest’ network to use 2.4GHz, perhaps? Maybe that could be a solution without impacting the rest of the home’s mesh system? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. 

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    I also have a lot of issues with my Logitech Circle View Cameras with my Eero Pro Mesh network that seems to be solved by disabling the 5GHz Network and only using 2.4 GHz. I Would love the option to create an SSID that is 2.4GHz only as this seems like it will benefit a lot of my smart home devices that are having connectivity issues with my HomeKit home hub. I own 4 Logitech Circle View Cameras, and 1 of the Logitech Circle Doorbells. The doorbell is usually fine, but all of the Circle View Cameras have frequent issues of going offline for periods of time, and then back online depending on the stability of their connection with the home hub all of which stops while temporarily disabling the 5Ghz network. I understand that Eero likes to create a simplistic holistic approach to its ecosystem, but the reality is not one out-of-the-box solution works for everyone. So I would love to see Eero add more advanced functionality and customization options to their UI for power users including the ability to create an SSID specifically for 2.4 Ghz devices. If this doesn't stop I will be forced to switch from Eero to something that allows me more freedom in designing my mesh network which would be extremely disappointing. 

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