Regular Ping spikes

Hi, I have 2 Eero 6E pros in *bridge* mode connected via Ethernet to my router.

I noticed that I get regular spikes in ping. The picture below is pinging my own router from my laptop.

The path is laptop->eero->ethernet->router ( There is nothing else in the path. 


When I connect my laptop via ethernet I don't get any spikes, I get constant 0.4ms ping.  

It is crazy to have an additional  30ms just because of WiFI and these weird spikes.  

There is no traffic on the network, and there are no spikes when I am using the same ethernet port as the eero is using to reach my router via my laptop (<0.4ms)


Solutions I tried: 

- Restarted the eero network 

-Tried with 3 other devices (2nd laptop/phone/laptop), they all have these spikes when on wifi) 

-Tried in 2.4, 5 an 6Ghz (WiFi 6E), same issue.  

-Restarted the router.  

Is there a fix ? 



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    Hi iliasl

    If I am reading this correctly you have both eero hardwired to your router.  This is an incorrect topology.  One eero has to be upstream of all other eero on the network to be the gateway eero (even if the network is bridged).  I would try disconnecting one of those eero and see if the spikes go away first.

    If they do not, give support a call.

    If they do, change the topology to a supported one: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000830546-Examples-of-common-network-topologies

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