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I have a multi-storey setup currently using an Apple extreme Router,  an old version of Ruckus Zonemaster and Ruckus WAPs.  I was thinking of replacing that setup with Eero Pro6e, using one Eero as the router in the basement and the others as WAPs (plugged into wired ethernet outlets on each floor).

Two questions:

1. Am i likely to see performance improvement with the replacement summarized above? I have about 70-100 devices such as cameras, thermostats, iphones, apple tvs, macs etc. (But no gaming)

2. Is there a way to disable the mesh network and use the eero's just as WAPs? 



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  • Hard to know about perf, a lot depends on the specs of the ruckus devices and your clients. I can say that I replaced 2 setups, one Unifi dream machine with U6 Lite APs and one AMPLIFI Alien mesh with Eero 6E Pros and it is indeed faster, no doubt, and also the reach of the wifi is outstanding. And not in a “shout really loud way”, the devices themselves report better dbi connection.

    as far as mesh goes … mesh is an overloaded term … in my case I have mine with Ethernet backhaul and they work great. The difference between “a single SSID with a bunch of APs” and “a mesh system with Ethernet backhaul” is … ?  So yes, connect them with Ethernet and have a single wifi network and it will be awesome.

  • Thanks.  I though the mesh referred to a separate "backhaul network" on a non-wifi frequency that ran between the eeros to bolster wifi coverage.  What exactly is the mesh then?  Is there a description somewhere?

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