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Hey all,

Day 2 of being an eero owner. While there are many aspects I like, there are equally as many as I don't. Unsure yet if I'll remain an eero owner ... we'll see!

Anyway, I'm baffled. I bought the "pro 3 pack" and have them utilizing an ethernet backhaul. I'm sitting here matching up my MAC addresses with device names and noticing some odd behaviors.

Multiple devices are connecting to an eero that is further than where the device resides. For example, my Amazon Echo in my basement, is roughly 5 feet away from the basement eero with a clear path (no walls or obstructions), yet it decided to connect via 2.4ghz to my 1st floor office eero, which is roughly 20 feet + one floor away. One would think that a 5ghz to the basement would have been optimal?

I'm seeing this behavior with other devices as well. Is this normal/expected? Shouldn't we have the option to specify which device is closer? Perhaps I'm missing something altogether?


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    • adambean
    • 6 yrs ago
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    So I've been in my basement all morning (my office is down here) and my phone was connected to my first floor eero all morning. My phone showed a good, but not excellent signal to it.

    I disconnected from WiFi and reconnected, and then I was connected to the basement eero. 

    Am I missing a core concept on how this mesh network is supposed to work? Shouldn't I have switched my basement eero when coming down here 2 hours ago? Or does it only connect to a stronger node upon disconnect/reconnect? Feels like this defeats the purpose. 


      • eero Community Manager
      • Jeff_C
      • 6 yrs ago
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      adambean  —

      Thanks for reaching out. Much of roaming is decided on the client side. We do a lot of work on our side to make this a better experience. Depending on the location of your eeros and the device, your device may not find the need to roam and switch eeros. With that said, we still want to make sure you are always having the best experience possible. I would contact our support team so tech support can take a look and make sure everything is optimally set up and nothing else is going on.


    • DSJ
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I've experienced the same. 

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