Keep Eero or move to another solution -- looking for feedback

I have no real complaints about Eero as it has been stable, but I know I am not using all the features as I run in bridge mode.

When I first started looking at mesh wi-fi it was due to a move into a rental house.  My previous townhouse prior was all hardwired with an 2 enterprise access points and a controller handling seamless roaming.     

With the move, I knew I was moving into a house that was not ready for a network and I was not going to spend money wiring it up when I am only going to be renting for ~14 months while I build a new house.   Eero appealed as I could connect the various pockets of wired devices (PoE devices hanging off a managed switchs).   I do have a Sonos setup as well, but have had no issues (knock on wood). Eero is current running in bridged mode as I need multicast packets to flow across the wi-fi onto the wired network.

Now, once the new house is built and wired, everything that can be connected to an ethernet cable will be, including my Sonos setup, which includes whatever wi-fi access point I decide to install.  I know the nuances of Sonos and my managed switches and have that already solved it by adjusting the STP values on the switches to disable the Sonos Wi-fi and using my switch and router as the primary and backup root bridge.  Currently with only 1 Eero hardwired, I do see a lot of spanning tree updates on the network, as I assume the mesh is constantly reconfiguring itself for the best path back to the gateway.

Should I look for an Eero installer to get the PoE kit installed ($300 + labor) and mount 2 Eero's on the ceilings (one on each floor) and hope that I do not run into any problems with the mesh not playing well with both APs hardwired to a managed switch.  Or do I say Eero served me well and look towards a different solution such as Rukus and sell off my Eeros? 

With both Eero access points hardwired, will it ever utilize the mesh between them since the ethernet backhaul should be the fastest and most reliable path.  Can I force Eero not not use the mesh by making the switch ports so low that spanning tree should always prefer the ethernet?


Thanks in advance.

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  • Just to address your last point, eero is all about mesh, so there’s no purpose in having eero unless you want the best mesh system. It’s mesh with eero or you can select others that imitate it but are much less reliable and stable. 

      • tychob
      • tychob
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      cotedan87   Thanks for the input.  I had that in the back of my mind and wanted to see if I was missing anything.   Since I need to run in bridge mode, I am already excluding a good chunk of what Eero brings to the table, and if I backhaul the APs to my core switches, then there is no need for the mesh, which then removes Eero's other selling point.   I'm no stranger to running multiple APs with a controller and tuning RX/TX powers to allow clients to roam between APs.  I used to run Trapeze APs with a virtual controller up until I moved into a rental.  At that point I got rid of them all as the end of support/end of life date is Sept 2019, but also the radio speed/number of clients were starting to become severely dated with more IoT devices coming to market that don't support a wired ethernet connection.   

           I guess I will say that Eero served me well while in the rental and needing a mesh, but I'll start pricing out a new set of APs with a controller (either built in or as a VM) and sell off the Eero Gen 2 APs I have once everything is up and running in the new house.

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      • cotedan87
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      tychob sounds like quite the system you have there. My system is pretty simple compared to yours.  I need security for  40 or so devices, so I depend on eero Plus for that. The ad blocking feature at the whole-home level is really great. 

      Best of success with your networking adventures !

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