Is it possible to allow incoming ipv6 connections?

Hi eero community,


Now that eero has added support for ipv6, I've made the switch. However, I'm still having trouble allowing people outside of my LAN access my webserver via my globally scoped IPV6. 


Ping6 and the various ipv6 test pages online verify that IPv6 is routing correctly.


I've also had no trouble port forwarding to my server for IPv4 connections.


My guess is that eero is blocking requests for IPv6 address from external entities. Is there anyway I can allow my server to be accessed?

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  • Sorry, this should be moved to the questions forum

  • Hi, jdfreder – Thanks for taking the time to reach out and share your concerns. For the time being, unfortunately I have to confirm that eero doesn’t support the functionality you’re describing, as we can’t assign IPv6 pinholes to allow unsolicited traffic. I’ll be sure to pass along this feedback to my product team. In the meantime, if you’re able to configure the server on IPv4, then you’ll be able to configure port forwarding to allow external access. We also encourage you to check out the Feature Request boards and vote any suggestions you see for IPv6 improvements!

    Drew, eero Community Team

      • jdfreder
      • jdfreder
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      Drew shoot, I feared that's what you'd say. Thank you for the quick response!

      If/when this feature gets prioritized, would you mind cc'ing me or linking to it here? I'm interested in adopting it as soon as possible- for now I do have a ddwrt box I can use to accomplish this and I can run my eero behind it in bridge mode.



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