Dropping Immediately After An AP Switch

I tried searching but could only find information about WiFi calling issue someone was having. So, sorry if a duplicate post exists.

I just set up eero and I am very disappointed. My issue is two problems, but one I believe is unfixable until a feature update (should it be implemented). That is the ability to force a device to latch on to a specific node. Stationery products should have the ability to be forced to a specific node instead of the main eero. My office computer and a webcam are pulling 50% signal strength instead of attaching to the second node 5 feet away. That leads to the topic here:

Every time one of my devices, most notably my computer mentioned above and a mobile phone for reference ,switch nodes, the internet connection drops about 10-30 seconds after the switch. On the mobile phone, it is easy to reproduce cause I can just walk around. On the computer, it is infuriating (I have taken eero down until the weekend as such) because it drops my VPN connection and I have to relog in and reestablish my virtual desktop connections (3 connections) so a drop means about 5 minutes of reconnection. 

I find this unacceptable of course, but is there a known issue? Or something that can be done when I fire these back up on the weekend? Honestly, I am very close to simply returning them since they are already taken down (2 days of effort).

This is happening at about a 80% rate, meaning 80% of the time, this hard handoff is occurring.


-3 eeros, ethernet backhaul, current firmware, 55 devices connected,

Now, my other set ups allow me to force channel 11, but the eero is restrictive and does not allow this simple change. As a result, channel 1 is the most (by FAR) congested channel and that is what the eero stays on. While that in itself is horrific, I don't think this is related, because the switch to the new node already occurred, so why the drop? I can tell I am on the new node by watching the app or simply going far enough away from one end of the house and standing one foot from the furthest node away and I get full WiFi strength.


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  • Hi Konolua

    I'm sorry to hear the issue you are experiencing. The best thing to do from here is contact support, which I see you've already done.

    Our team looks forward to working with you, and we hope to get this all resolved for you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • I have exactly the same issue on VPN. It allows me to log into VPN to my office network but frequently and randomly kick me out. I have to reboot the machine every time I was kicked out. It is extremely annoying. Please tell me how to fix this.

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