Seamless roaming for VoIP and video calls - 802.11r,k optional

Im really enjoying my eeros in my long, skinny prewar condo. Plaster and lathe with chicken wire no longer prevents me from having rock solid coverage.

Problem is I work from home and have daily, often very long voice and video conferences..I know one solution is to stay at my desk and not move, but doorbells ring, coffee needs a refill. On the personal side, I want to be able to chase my kid around the house with skype while grandma and grandpa watch on FaceTime  

When roaming between eeros, my connection drops long enough to make calls fail . It is very consistent. After a couple of handoffs, I loose my wifi connection completely for about 30seconds  This is multiple devices, Apple and android, and yes I have sent timestamps to support.

I think I read that eero  is capable of seamless roaming with 802.11r, k, etc, but there are concerns about backward compatibility with older devices.

I have no such older devices, so I'd like the choice to do what the enterprise systmes do with my eero. 

If not that, is something else in the works to improve the roaming?



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    • dleute
    • 7 yrs ago
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    I am concerned about this too. I however decided to return eero for a number of reasons. There were a few issues like this that really made it an issue for me. I too work from home. I need rock solid internet more than I need "whole home" coverage. (A single good router covers my home "well enough") Sonos was not stable on eero. And I saw a number of other quirky networking issues I could not reproduce regularly.

    I really like eero. I really wanted it to work for me. It felt like the apple products of the past. Setup and "just work". But it didn't quite deliver on the "work" part. It's a tough sell at the price point if it's not flawless. At this price I can actually buy enterprise class gear and put some effort in to wire my home for multiple AP's. 

    I am very interested in second generation eero hardware. Some of my issues would be solved by dedicated backhaul and some other hardware tweaks. I will be following eero closely in the hopes that my issues will be resolved.

    • JP_WFH_Guy
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I’m running into this as

    well.  I use Skype for business on my iPhone and repeatedly drops when I roam between eero waps. I’m in IT and I get the challenge but other systems manage AP/AP roaming without issue. What’s the deal guys?

    • nnyan
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I actually have not had any issues roaming using various VoIP and video apps.  Do keep in mind that there are many cases that "zero handoff/seamless roaming" includes some type of lag while the connection is switched.  Also, most of the issues with ZH/SR is due to the clients' capabilities. And don't think that enterprise gear completely solves the issues.  I've had Adtran Bluesocket AP's and various Cisco enterprise AP's in my house.  Yes, they solve many problems but they have their own issues.  They also do ZERO to solve a client that has some issue handling ZH/SR.  I have a number of android and standalone devices that would work with one Cisco AP and not another.

    NAT can cause some issues with ZH/SR.  For example, some wireless clients are NAT'd to the IP address of the AP they are associated to.  Roaming between AP's and the nature of NAT mode can cause connections to break.

    Some clients require AP's to be on same channel, if automatic channel selection is on clients must be capable of roaming between channels and radios.  Then there are issues with gap in coverage, subnets, etc....  the list goes on.

      • rselover
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Nnyan However Google Wifi handles it, just do that. Just switched from G and not loving it.

    • Aquarod
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Any updates on this Eero? Roaming in my house between eeros is very painful. Evan (eero support)

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