Wired devices showing incorrect eero point

I’ve seen this in discussion forums before, but it’s current for me. 

I have 4 wired eeros and one beacon. The tv in the master bed is wired to a small switch, which in turn is wired directly into the master bedroom eero. (That eero also is wired). 

Despite being wired into the master bed eero, the tv is showing up as wired to the eero downstairs  Not a big deal, but wondering why wireless connection show up correctly, but   Wired connections sometimes show up connected to the wrong eero. 

Everything is 100% fast and working fine. Just curious about the connection ID. 

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    • cMoo92
    • 6 yrs ago
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    If you wire it directly into the eero and bypass the switch, does eero show it properly connected to the master bedroom eero?

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    • cotedan87
    • 6 yrs ago
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    That would be a good way to check. Current setup means I need a longer Ethernet cable than I currently have, but I’ll make sure to do that. Good idea and thanks. 

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    • john5263
    • 5 yrs ago
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    i have the same issue with my Tivo.  hard wired to primary eero but shows as connected to different one.  My tivo has diffiuculty connecting to the internet (did not happen before eero). May or may not be related. there are other threads discussing that, but i wonder...

    • garretblack
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Same thing here with my Xbox wired directly to my 2nd eero.  

    • appletnc
    • 5 yrs ago
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    I'm having the same issue.  Any response from Eero on this?

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