eero gateway speed test - inaccurate!


I haven't yet opened up a support ticket for this, but I've confirmed the following information.

Since having my eero setup, I felt that the upstream and downstream speeds reported by the eero gateway's automatic every day (now every-other-day) speed test were accurate.  I have 250 mbps down and 25 mbps up, and my internet service has been largely reliable and consistent, and the eero test results were always about the same, within about 1% or so.

Recently I have found a drastic decrease in the downstream speed reported by the eero gateway's speed test despite not having actual slow speeds down.  While most days eero's test reports the full 250 mbps downstream speed, every few days or so, it seems, it reports the same value of 19 mbps downstream speed.  It stays reported as reduced for a day or so, then it mysteriously goes back up to about 250 mbps, the expected speed.  At no time is my upstream speed reported as reduced, it always reports as about 25 mbps.  This is only about the reporting of downstream speeds.

So naturally I thought I was having trouble with my internet, so I contacted the provider, who sent out a technician, and he tested out the line and the equipment, and it was (and remains) all fine and dandy.

The mystery here is that when the eero gateway says I'm getting 19 mbps down, it stays consistent in that assertion, reporting again and again and again through repeated tests, at 19 mbps. In the meantime, on my nearby computer, if I run the speedtest.net website's speed test, it registers 250 mbps (ish) while the eero gateway's own speed test continues to report 19 mbps.

Clearly, I'm not actually getting 19 mpbs down when my computer says it's getting 250 mbps down and my speeds are otherwise speedy and satisfying.

RIGHT NOW, repeated executions of the eero gateway's speed test are returning 19 mbps down CONSISTENTLY. But at the very same time, I am getting a full 250 mbps downstream speed, as verified by speedtest.net.

So there seems to be a huge disconnect between my actual downstream speed and what the eero gateway is reporting it is.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Speed tests through the eero app used to be really unreliable. They made big improvements about a year or so ago, but they still aren’t always perfect. I think they are still working on it in beta firmware versions. As long as your speed tests are fine when you’re testing from another device, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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      • pinthea
      • pinthea
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      cMoo92 I agree that it's really a cosmetic issue, but for me, the fact that it goes so drastically bad (cosmetically) makes me question whether things are really ok or not.  As a consumer I'd rather they take it away if there are issues rather than leave it as a confusing point of doubt whether everything is OK or not.  "Good enough" is not good enough in this case.

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  • My test results were accurate on the first day I installed, but have been consistently terrible since. I have 250/10 internet, and typically get ~260/11 according to speedtest.net on Ethernet (and close to that on wifi). Eero's app typically tells me I have between 40 and 55 down, and 11 up.

    Note: I use eero in bridge mode and all 3 nodes are on Ethernet.

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