Eero Pro 6 and Samsung S23 Ultra

Hello All! 👋 

Over the last year I've had issues with my S23 Ultra connecting to my Eero Pro 6 (supplied by TalkTalk here in the UK). 

I read that there were issues with the S23 wifi 6 and it appeared to be fixed for me in the October update, however, I've just had a December security update for the S23 and Eero update 7.1.1 and the issue is back - frequent cut outs, lag and general poor performance. 

It's got so bad, that I've had to put my Eero into legacy mode.

Has anyone else got this issue and is there any long term harm in keeping my router in legacy mode? (I've only just discovered this mode by the way, and to be honest, I've never known performance so good!)

Thanks, J.

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    • Goldensurfer
    • 6 mths ago
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    What speeds do you get on speedtest while on legacy mode. If that puts you on 2.4ghz then you could only be getting 100-200 mbps

      • Jimo2024
      • 6 mths ago
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       I'm getting up to 800mbps in legacy mode compared to aeound 400mbps in normal operation 

      • Goldensurfer
      • 6 mths ago
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       that's very interesting. I tried the legacy mode once. Turned the setting on, rebooted. Then connected to the WiFi network. This time the WiFi icon at the top doesn't have the '6' anymore indicating it's not on WiFi 6. Then the WiFi speed dropped to 100-200mbps. Right now I've reinstated my old WiFi 5 mesh units.

      Do you have a WiFi 6 icon in the top right of your screen while on legacy mode? And the WiFi 6 stays after a network reboot?

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