PRO6 and PlayStation connection issue

Upstairs I have the master Eero attached to the router, also the PlayStation is about 10 feet away from the master in the next room over..

downstairs I have two extra nodes that comes with the pro 6 kit, one on either side of the house so it’s a nice triangular signal strength.

unfortunately the PlayStation is trying to connect to one of the nodes downstairs rather than using the master which is 10 feet from it, occasionally the PlayStation is still getting kicked off and with 1gig Internet speed AND the Eero Pro6 I don’t think any of that is acceptable. I’m trying to figure out how I can force the PlayStation to run off the master Eero that is in the next room over. I don’t really want to hardwire it but will do if I have to, that just will cost even more money to have that cat five cable run professionaly 

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  • Hello,

    The most likely issue here is the proximity of the eeros. We generally recommend that eeros be placed 35-45ft from each other. You might also just have too many eeros for your home. How many sqft is your home? I have also shared an article below that goes over eero placement tips. If you still need assistance after that I would reach out to our phone support line.


    Thank you,


    eero Support

    • Thank you so much for the response, I didn’t think it was possible to have too many of them. However the house is 3100 ft.² maybe I will get rid of one of them by unplugging it and throwing out one in the basement to spread them out a little more and see what happens. Thank you also for the article link. I’ll take a look at that shortly.

  • Also another question, plan on relocating my router to the basement two floors down from where it currently is, however I would keep the Master eero where it currently is attached to the wall and run a cat six cable down through the walls into the basement attached to the router, will this slow my one gig Internet speed at all with a 65 foot long cat six cable attaching the modem to the router??

    lastly as seen in this picture is hanging these devices okay for their performance?

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      Mikem04rubi These wall mounts put the eero in the worst possible orientation, as the best signal comes out the "front" of the eero. Right now they are blasting into the floor. I would recommend placing them on a flat, level surface and test again.

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    • thatsthequy I was wondering if the hanging was going to affect the signal, but I than remembered that my previous Eero mesh system also plugged in and “hung” from the outlet. It’s just that these hangers hide the cord so nicely.... I’ll put them on a flat surface and make it work somehow. 

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