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I set up an initial network with a three pack...  I am not sure I need additional I am fine spending additional funds just because... but unless I am missing something my only option is to "start-over" and buy another unit for full price ($199)...  and I would hate to later desire a fifth unit and need to repeat for another $199.  I don't have the answer (though thoughts on) but it would be more acceptable if in these situation these additional units could be purchased for the $99 price - and certainly open to even less given already in for $400-$500.

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    I also have an issue with this pricing model. They are in essence punishing loyal eero users who need more than 3 eeros. The only way this can be justified is if customers were buying many for the discounted price and distributing them but this is not the case. In a large home 3 is not enough. Every time I call in to customer service they can see my whole system, if I order 4 eeros and 4 are on my system I don't see the justification in charging me an additional 200 for embracing thier product.

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