A year of stability but now I'm really struggling with Eero

Hi all

I'm pretty much lost for ideas now, maybe someone can help.

My router is a Draytek 2860, and I have 6 Eero Pros (Gen 2) in my house, with the network set to Bridged mode so that my router does the DHCP, which is what I want.

About a month ago I noticed an occasional issue where my laptop wouldn't get an IP address. It would connect to the Eero network but wouldn't get an IP address. I restarted the Eero network, and the laptop etc. and normally the problem would go away for a while.

The last few days, the problem has become huge, affecting many more devices, from Harmony Hubs to iOS to MacBooks. The symptoms seem to be the same - connection to the network but unable to get an IP address.

On my MacBook, when it's in this state, I can go into the network settings and TCP/IP and click on "Renew Lease". This instantly gives me my laptop its correct assigned IP address from the router. However, this only lasts a few seconds, before it seems to lose this IP address. I can click again to get it back, but a few moments later it has gone.

In the same location right now, my other MacBook doesn't have the issue, yet it's right next to it. Yesterday both had the issue, so it's random.

Harmony Hubs switch from red to green to red to green occasionally during the day, indicating the same problem.

My Sonos controllers started disappearing, and I reset all of them, now I can't get any of them to join my Eero network.

I've deleted and recreated my Eero network, doing a factory reset on each one. I've restarted the network countless times. I've restarted my router a few times, both through the admin page, and via a power reset. Powered off/on network switches (I just have unmanaged ones).

Thing is, this was working really well for a year. But now it's completely stopped working.

My house is wired for Ethernet, so the Eeros are connected via a wired connection. So typically in a room I have an ethernet outlet going into an unmanaged switch which then feeds various devices (Apple TVs, desktop PCs for example), and also the Eero for that location. All wired devices are functioning perfectly. None of them lose their IP addresses in this way, they are rock solid. But it seems that all wireless devices that get their IP address via the Eero in bridge mode are now malfunctioning.

I've replaced my gateway Eero with a new one that I hadn't used, it made no difference.

All I can think of is one of the Eero updates might have broken something? Nothing else has changed on my router, I've not touched the firmware for a year.


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  • I'd like to know if this issue was actually officially resolved with a firmware update.

    I still have the Eeros and if they're working I'd prefer to use them as they are more aesthetically pleasing than the DrayTek APs I am using.

    But I don't want to set everything all up again and then find it's still the same. When I switched from Eero to DrayTek it was a PIA to get all devices working correctly again (Harmony, Sonos, etc etc) even with the same SSID and password. I'm unwilling to go through the same process again without confirmation of a fix.

    Could support please read over my original post in this thread and confirm whether a fix was ever made that would address this specific issue that was also corroborated by other people in this thread?

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    • oviano I can only tell you that I'm still running bridged and the network has been working ok for 6 months now.  But hopefully someone in support can confirm more for you.

  • Have similar problems and they wont’ go away. Eero is dead. Sad, but they failed as a company, got bought out by Amazon, and I think they are hopeless.

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  • I'm in the same boat.  As of a few days ago it appears the eero's have stopped forwarding DHCP requests correctly.  I've had to unplug my 5 eero network running bridged and gone back to Asus access points. hope everything will be ok tomorrow.☹️


      • Drew
      • Drew
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      Thanks for sharing your situation with us worldnew29 – This is an unusual situation, and absolutely not expected behavior for the eero. Our support team should be able to get to the bottom of this and get things working normally, so we'd love to hear from you. 

      Please shoot an email to support@eero.com and put "Community followup" in the subject line – I'll make sure this gets to a senior specialist so we can get this resolved fully for you!

      Drew, eero Community Team

  • I'm in the same boat.  As of a few days ago it appears the eero's have stopped forwarding DHCP requests correctly.  I've had to unplug my 5 eero network running bridged and gone back to Asus access points. hope everything will be ok tomorrow.☹️


    • Yanrefitness 3.18.1 improved DHCP performance 90 fold according to the lead developer.

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  • Same here too for the past few nights, some of my equipment don't connect in the morning and must restart Eero pro.  Just did the update to 3.18.1.nn.  Will see if this helps.

  • I am having the identical problem. The Eero App shows me having high speed connecting. But all my laptops cannot connect to the Eero. I'm being forced to move near to the core Xfinity wireless modem. I am losing all faith in Eero

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  • I am having the identical problem. I am losing all faith in Eero!


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  • This seems to occurring today on our network - wired devices are no longer getting DHCP information. Nothing has been changed and this has been working well for many years. 

  • I'm having the same issues. I don't think it'll resolved.  https://www.yanrestrength.com/

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