Eero Pro Gen 1 in bridge mode - which MAC address to use for static IP in my dhcp server?

Setup an Untangle server as my main router and put my Eero pros in bridge mode. 


Id like to assign them static IPs so I can fine tune some rules on my Untangle firewall. (Eero likes to ping every second, flooding my IPS logs) 

I have 3 Eero base units (Gen 1 eero Pro) but I see 4 eero devices listed on my Untangle DHCP list. 

Seems each Ethernet port gets a distinct MAC address. Which one should I be using to assign a static IP?

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  • The MAC address of the ethernet port you plug into to connect to your Untangle server is the one you’ll assign the static IP to.

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  • Yes just figured that out now. What threw me off was the fourth eero device listed. That was because I had the second Ethernet plugged into a switch, from my previous configuration where I was running that unit as my main gateway. I just assigned the static IPs and rebooted the eero and all is good. 


    Now i have to figure out why the Untangle IPS is not processing my rule to ignore ICMP requests from the Eeros. :-(.  I get about 34k of them in about 24 hours! 

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