LG TV (smart) dropping wifi constantly

I am new to Eero 6 pro, & have consistently been happy with my old Nighthawk but all good things come to an end, eventually. So, the concept of mesh network rather than extender just made sense. BUT why in the world will my LGTV not stay connected? EVERYTHING is up-to-date on TV, Eero,etc. the TV is 2.4Ghz only & not wired. The 5Ghz pause feature doesn’t work consistently (at all, really) anymore, I’m pretty reasonably savvy (or maybe just good at troubleshooting?) and use to get on my Nighthawk and change channels to help alleviate the TV being dropped from time to time.


My boys are crazy about the performance they are getting while gaming (wired) so that’s fun! But mom and dad just really wanted to watch Tenet tonight and we are bummed! It would not stay connected, not at all. :(


help me out here please!


oh another thought,,, I do have all the special discover lab features etc turned on....overkill? And...It seems that when my nest thermostats is ready to be kick on is just about he time the TV is dropped. And Night time is always worsen when traffic is up


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    Older devices have been seeming to have difficulties with WiFi 6. In most cases this is resolved by updating the WiFi network card in the device. However, some devices are unable to do this easily. You can try placing your 2.4Ghz band in legacy mode which causes it to not broadcast in WiFi6. The 5Ghz band will still work as intended with this setting on.

    To set this mode, open the eero app and navigate to Settings -> Troubleshooting -> My device won't connect and you should see an option for legacy mode there. Turn that on and see if that corrects the behavior your LG TV is experiencing. If it is, then you know the WiFi card in the TV is unable to handle WiFi 6 and you might want to contact the manufacturer to see if there is a way to update the firmware for the TV so it can see and communicate over WiFi 6 networks.

    Let me know if you have any other questions,


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    I've had this recently, too, with my LG 49SK8000PLB TV dropping the connection after around 5 minutes, so I appreciate James' input. Initially I suspected maybe the Eero Labs local DNS caching was the issue, but switching that off that didn't fix it. In the end I reverted to hardwiring the TV to my network switch using an ethernet cable (the switch is then hardwired to the Eero Pro gateway). If this is an option for you, give it a go. I've found that data gets to the TV faster as a result too.

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    I have the same problem with my Smart LG TV, I would say is very disappointing as I never had issues with other older routers - it was rock solid. But with my brand new Eero is impossible to use the wifi.


    I tried the suggested items from James, but did not help.


    I did tons of cable reducing with my Eero and now I'll need to buy a new Switch and add more cables back! Vey frustrating!

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