EERO not accepting connections...

Is anyone else experiencing devices being dropped and can no longer connect? The ethernet port works fine to access the internet, but wifi isn't at all. I've tried a variety of Apple devices, Microsoft PC, Alexa and a HP printer. Nothing will connect anymore.

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  • I created an account just to reply to this thread. I had this happen to me 3 days ago.  My devices connected via wireless started dropping one by one until none of them can connect. I have IOS, macOS, Linux, and Switch devices in my network. Ethernet is fine.

    I called Eero Support and spent an hour troubleshooting. We exhausted all troubleshooting steps and none worked. They escalated my case and have yet to get back to me.

    While waiting, I've been testing my devices and have been able to connect inconsistently/randomly. Some devices take a few attempts before they can connect, while others take up to an hour of trying. Also, when a device sleeps for a long period of time (i.e. overnight), it gets disconnected and I have to go through repeated attempts to connect again.

    1. My initial thought was the IOS Private Address setting might be confusing the Eero causing it to drop connections, but I have several IOS devices on different IOS versions (therefore some not having private address settings) and all of them are having the same issue.

    2. Next, I looked at the Eero Labs features as there might have been updates that had bugs. I use Band Steering and WPA3, so I disabled both but the issue persisted. Support also tried turning on Local DNS Caching, to no avail.

    3. Some people have suggested that Eero might have issues with assigning IP addresses (DHCP) and that might be the culprit. According to the person I spoke with, this happened years ago and was supposed to be fixed. I haven't tried manually assigning IP addresses yet as I need some of my devices to be online because of work and I can't risk getting disconnected and not being able to connect again. If someone can test this, please share your findings.

    4. Another weird thing was Support told me they see a Smart Light that might be causing the issue, but I don't own any IOT or smart home devices and I've never seen an unknown device connect to my network. This is a bit worrying to be honest. Someone suggested I might have assigned a device as a light in the device profile, but I meticulously review my list regularly and ensure all my devices are assigned the correct type.

  • Hello,

    I wanted to check in with you to see if you were still having issues with your devices connecting to your eero network. Some tests you can perform are to forget the eero network and then try and rejoin the network, restart your eero network, and check for updates on your devices for their WiFi card.

    Thank you,


    eero Support

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      Hi James . Unfortunately none of those steps work. I've also gone through them as part of the troubleshooting I did with Eero Support on the phone. As of today, I am somewhat able to connect my devices inconsistently, but it takes a lot of attempts to get through. This is still unacceptable as once a device disconnects temporarily (sleep, hibernate, restart, etc.), it takes a while again to be able to re-connect to my network over wifi.

  • Have either of you gotten a fix for this? This same exact issue happened for me around the same time (Feb 2021) where most devices dropped out and unable to connect to my eero. It was an older eero model and  after days and hours wasted with Support and waiting for followups on escalation that never came, they chalked it up to not knowing the issue and blaming it probably just being an older model. They gave me a $50 discount on a new one and figured it was a good deal to upgrade (I didn't really need to to be honest). The day after placing the order, all of my devices magically connected to the older device with no issues.

    Everything was fine for several months and I installed the newer Eero model only about a month ago. Of course now with the new eero, I'm having this issue all over again and now I'm angry. half of my devices are connecting, some connecting then eventually losing connection, and some not connecting at all. I would really appreciate if eero can figure this out because I cant use my phone hotspot forever.

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      cupcakeconfetti I never heard back from Eero Support and it seems to me they don't have a solution at all. I gave up and sold my Eero and replaced it with a traditional Netgear router. I haven't had any issues since. The guy I sold it to said he had similar problems with his Eero 6 system on older devices and was hoping that adding a classic Eero would fix it. He never got back to me so I don't know if he got the same issues anyway.

    • Hello cupcakeconfetti ,

      I would like to take a look at your network and see if I can find out what is causing this behavior. I will be sending you a message soon with information on how to get an email to me to. Looking forward to working with you on this.

    • cupcakeconfetti same thing is happening to me, but difference is that my eero is brand new. Were you able to resolve the issue?

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    • Hello NeedHelpWithMyEero ,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to The Community! Can you describe what you are experiencing a little more? What devices are experiencing this behavior? Is it affecting both WiFi and wired devices?

    • James Hi, yes I can. All my wireless mobile devices have trouble loading sites or can't access the internet after an hour or browsing but they are all still connected. I reboot my eero everytime when this happens and it always fix the problem for like the first few minutes. I've gotten so annoyed that I mainly rely on the guest networks now. Lastly, my desktop which is wired via ethernet to the eero is always fine.

    • Hello NeedHelpWithMyEero ,

      Yes, this would be very frustrating. There are a few possibilities that are coming to mind but without viewing your network to come up with some ideas on how to test this it is going to be difficult to resolve this behavior. Have you called or emailed support yet? If not, I would recommend doing that so we can dig into the network to find out what might be causing this.

      Two things that could be happening here could be that the network is in a double NAT and being regulated upstream, or possibly the eeros are too close together so your WiFi devices are jumping between access points causing the appearance of being connected to the network but being unable to access the network.

      Make sure your eeros are at least 35-45ft away from each other. That can help rule out the the possible cause being that the eeros are too close.

      If you wanted to troubleshoot over email I will send you a direct message to get you instructions on how to get an email to me. Otherwise, you can give our support a call and any of our support agents will be able to assist you with this.

    • Hi James 

      I have emailed your supports multiple times, but either they ignore me or take days or weeks to reply. I even called you guys multiple times.

      Can you briefly explain would double NAT mean? I'm not really tech savy. My eeros are placed at the opposite side of the house on two different floors. When I only use one, it works fine. However, the area that is further away have really bad signal thus I need to use two which is the cause of my problem. 

      I don't mind troubleshooting over email, but I already contacted a few tech support and they're not replying.

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