Eero Pro 6 Issues - Still a Beta Product

After too many hours to count of banging my head trying to figure out (I did contact support) why multiple high speed connections (have 1gb/s fiber to the house) from 300mb/s to 500mb/s intermittently slows to crawl <2mb/s for multiple devices at once, I see this article https://www.cnet.com/news/eero-6-review-amazons-wi-fi-6-mesh-router-underwhelms/  which includes many of the symptoms I'm seeing.  So I paid for a $600 network that slows to crawl due to IMO releasing a product not ready primetime.  No bueno

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  • I’ve had that issue before with fiber; 90% of the time it has to do with the fiber connection to the house and NOT the router(s) I’m using. 

  • Not a fiber issue, here's how I know:
    1). Had main tv just about Eero buffer when intermittent issues arose with wifi, connected directly to tv vs cat6 cable viola no more buffering when tablets, phones, other tv's started to buffer.  I even click troubleshoot in the app (useless) and it always & I mean always comes back A-OK even with my phone showing <1mb/s from various speed testing sites.    
    2). Have had fiber for over 4 years when I cut the cord and no issues with previous two networking devices.  This issue has only occurred once eero pro 5 was installed.  Never had a fiber issue that entire time, yes is it surprising.  

  • I have owned 2 generations of Eero Pros.  Bought the first before anyone knew what a mesh network was.  I updated to gen 2 two years ago.

    For the most part, they have been reliable.  However, I do get a lot of sudden disconnects throughout the day.  Doesn't happen every day, but enough times in a month's span that when considering upgrading to the new Eero Pro WiFi 6 models, I am kind of thinking twice.

    Eero support has been great in trying to address my disconnect issues.  However, we haven't really come to a solution to the cause after several months of me complaining to them.

    At this point, I am either going to buy the Infiniti Alien routers (three of them) which is twice the price of the Eero WiFi 6 3-pack or I am going to sit it out and wait for WiFi 6E which is a faster protocol that will be introduced next year and as a result, will see all new mesh units from the major brands.

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      NJRonbo unfortunately happens numerous times throughout a day, have a very mad wife & kid.  I had a an unifi dream machine with access points that took some time to configure configure as I had to adjust frequencies & radio power from each unit due to what appeared be overlap interference from each other & other network radios, auto did not work.  This is discussed ad nauseam in unifi forums.  Moved away from that as after running a few months just never could get the network speed up and many of the features I wanted use I had to turn off.  I really like the alien but didn't didn't want to run into the same issues.  Previously had the orbi mesh AC3000, never had an issue and worked like a dream. Got the dream machine as we added a Granny flat which extended our footprint and wanted to run multiple separate networks (more than 2) to ensure security with IOT devices.  Another thing that was a disappointment with eero, only 2 networks (main & guest). Thinking about getting the AX6000.  Just want something now that works and I don't get yelled at constantly that the network is down again for the 1000th time. Ugh

  • Speedhog,

    You are going to be in for a huge disappointment trying to find the best WiFi 6 router.  I have spent weeks looking.

    First of all, it's finally nice to meet someone that has the exact same disconnection issues I am having with my Eero Pro 2nd Gen.  Constantly going down during the day for 5-10 minutes.  Additionally, WiFi speeds drop dramatically and I have to unplug/plug the units to reset them and all is okay.

    I am hearing the Orbi units are not great.  I have been getting advice on several forums and people aren't happy with the AX6000.

    I really want to go with Amplifi Alien.  I would use two in backbone mode and a third as a mesh extension.  All standalone units priced at almost $400 each.  Some swear by the Alien.  Other reviews not so much.

    But in all, you can drive yourself crazy reading positive reviews for a particular model only to read some highly negative ones that make you think twice about investing all that money.

    At this point, I know that I want to leave Eero.  But who to go with?  That's an unknown.  I am almost willing to put up with the Eero problems and wait for WiFi 6E.  Why spend $1k now and in another year have to do another upgrade?  

    I really want the Amplifi Alien units.  They look awesome.  Hope I can hold myself back.  Let me know what you end up doing.

  • I have to say that I completely agree with the OP and the cnet article - I have endured a very similar experience as they have described with the Eero Pro 6. I purchased the Eero Pro 6 to replace (update) my beloved Apple AirPort Extreme router from 2013. My Eero Pro 6 arrived on the 2nd November and immediately swapped out the AirPort for the Eero. 

    Setup is a breeze as it setup should be. But a couple days thereafter (4-5 November), I ran the same tests I performed on the AirPort Extreme with the Eero and compared the results - only to find that the AirPort Extreme provides a stronger and more consistent WiFi experience - my home is ~1000 sq feet/ single level and the router is situated in the middle of the house. The Eero WiFi connection slows to a crawl. 

    I then enabled Bandsteering in the Eero Labs, thinking (hoping), that enabling Bandsteering (as it implies) would have drastically improved the Eero experience. It did not. The Bandsteering algorithm on the Eero is non performant, does not update or steer devices from 2.4 to 5 when available. Eero Bandsteering is awful - plain and simple. The AirPort Extreme (2013) just does so much better with respect to WiFi.

    I will be RESETTING the Eero this weekend and trying again, if that does not alleviate the poor performance (range), band steering and WiFi speed slowdown / buffering and disconnections (why?)  - it will be returned. 

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      intrval I reset everything, started from scratch just to rule anything out and it did not help.  I called yesterday to return the unit, they indicated an RMA would be issued by the RMA dept and still have not received an email with RMA number.  I get waste more time to ring them again today to try to get this returned.  Bought the Asus AX6600 to replace it, and for the single day that's it's been in use has been pretty solid.  

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