Eero Pro 6 upload speed slower than download

Hi, I have the Eero Pro6 and while I am happy with it the router the upload speed is slower than download. 

I have ATT Fiber Gigabit so is symmetrical 1 Gbps up and 1 Gbps down. When I run a wired speed test I get about 950 Mbps up and down. When I run a wireless test I get about 400 Mpbs down and about 250 Mbps upload. I also have a UDM router and I get consistent 400 Mbps up and 400 Mbps down. So is not ATT or the internet articles explaining why upload is slower, at least not in my case on fiber. My question is why Eero upload is slower when another router upload speed is the same as upload ? I have all factory default settings, latest firmware and testing speed from the same device. 

Help appreciated. 

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  • Hello Chris,

    Can you verify the topology of your network for me? There are a lot of possible causes so we're going to need to narrow them down one by one. Also, eeros behave best when they are connected directly into the modem and do not have a router upstream from them. If you have a modem router combo that is upstream from the eero can you bridge mode it and test? If not, you can try bridge mode on your eero network and test the speeds.

    Thank you,


    eero Support

  • Hi James, 

    With ATT FIber there are two ways to do it, have ATT RG then downstream the Eero in bridge or router. I did not use the Eero in bridge mode with the 5268AC. I have been using the 5268AC in passthrough mode to Eero router mode when this happened, and I had the issue described above. 

    I changed to the BGW210 RG. I tried bridge mode on the Eero with BGW210 and is slow.  In passthrough mode the BGW210 with the Eero as router is faster. What I noticed some devices can test 400/400 and others 400/250 the upload is slower than download. It seems to me this is device AND distance dependent. I would say based on my observation the further away a device is the slower  the upload.

    So it works better with the BGW210 passthrough to Eero as router but not 100% better. FYI when I run a speed test from the Eero app itself wired I get 945 Mbps up AND down. So I know the BGW210 is not a bottleneck. 

    Something is different on the Eero on the upload Wifi side. Newer devices such as AX have better or almost identical up and down speeds and powered devices plugged in to the wall such as a laptop have consistent up and down speeds. Other devices do not. 

    One way to truly test this is for Eero to be able to do a MAC clone. The way ATT works either use their RG or use what is called the dumb switch method, in which case the ATT RG is not used at all. I have used the dumb switch method  with other routers and speeds have been consistent. Unfortunately Eero does not have a MAC clone function. 

    Is there a way to request this feature please ? 

    Thank you for your support. 

    • Hello Chris8 ,

      Thank you for notating all the testing you've done. WiFii devices are going to run slower than wired devices in almost every situation. WiFi devices are also going to be negatively impacted by distance from the AP that you were witnessing in your testing. Speed test servers are not an accurate way to test the speed of a WiFi 6 enabled network as it takes time for WiFi 6 technology to spin up and reach the maximum speeds and the speed test servers do not test long enough for the spin up to complete. The most accurate way we've found to test WiFi 6 right now is to upload or download large files. 

      In regards to the passthrough, we've found that the eeros work best when they do not have an upstream router that is potentially causing limitations.

      The eero speed test is showing what you should be able to pull. But keep in mind that if you have multiple devices on the network pulling/pushing data it is going to take away from your overall available bandwidth. Though you shouldn't see drops like what you are listing there. One big cause for speed loss that I've found is when the customers have too many eeros packed into an area. You can use this tool to find an approximation of how many eeros you should have for your home. 


      In regards to the feature request, the best way to submit that is to email support@eero.com with the request and we'll get it escalated up for review and consideration.

      Thank you,


      eero Support

  • Chiming in as im encountering similar. I just got an Eero 6 (week old) and I noticed same very slow upload. I checked network activity and noticed on the first day i set up my new Eero's, the main router had used up 30+GB upload (crazy right). Note I only have 1 test devices on the new wireless network, which is an iPhone. I checked the activity on the iPhone and its only uploaded less than a GB. Ive been monitoring the main router upload and its is still on the high side maybe approx 6GB upload /4GB download.

    Anyone else seeing this type of activity? Why is Eero uploading so much data? 

  • I’m having the same upload issues. I was running the first gen Eero but upgraded last week after seeing my setup wasn’t going to be supported going forward. Setup of the Eero Pro 6E was a breeze and my download speeds are the same as they were. But the upload speeds have been reduced by 75% or more. I literally just replaced each existing Eero on my network with the new version using the Eero app on my phone. Is there some configuration I’m missing? 

  • I am also having the exact same issue. ATT Fiber 1 down / 1 up. Have been using a 1st Gen google wifi + google nest combination network for the past several years. Upgraded to Eero Pro 6e to take advantage of new tech. The download speeds are marginally better but upload speeds have been dramatically reduced. Confirmed the gateway router is receiving >900 down and up. All 3 of my nodes are hardwired and those lines get the right speed. Really frustrated by this. Did anyone find a solution?

  • I wiped out my existing eero network and restarted from scratch yesterday. Upload speed is still lagging and my eero app claims my eero secure+ is inactive even though I can get to the settings and I’ve paid the subscription. Seems this iteration needed further testing before pushing our first gen devices to be replaced. 

  • Just purchased my eero 6+ as a result of black Friday, hoping this would solve some of my latency issues with xFinity.  Have the xFinity gateway in bridge mode, and while download speeds are good, I can get more 25 upload speed...any suggestions from the group here would be most appreciative

  • I just setup Eero 6+ in my home and the upload is 8Mbps on a FIOS 940/880 Mbps connection. Reached out to support and waiting to hear from them. Even my Verizon provided router performs great on WIFI. Wired speed on Eero 6+ also shows 450 Mbps which is strange. Anyone else with the same issue ?

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  • Upgraded to 6E back in June from 6 Pro on AT&T Fiber. Service provide modem is directly connected to Eero, and the modem is set to DMZpassthrough mode.

    Wired and wireless clients are capped at ~200 Mbps dl with no problem on ul at 1.1 Gbps. There's no issue when directly connecting to the att router via ethernet cable. 

  • Kicking this topic back up as the uploads continue to be 1/4 of available downlink bandwidth when hardwired into the Eero 6 Pro and directly connecting to the gateway router solves the issue.  

  • My new fiber internet provider's service comes with eero. There's 1000% something wrong with them. I can get maybe 5 minutes of full ul/dl until the upload drops 90%. Resetting the modem had no effect, only resetting the eero. 

  • Try unplugging the Eero and move the incoming cable to the other port on the Eero. I had very slow upload speeds (20 mbs at best) before I did this. The ports are supposed to be self configured for WAN and LAN but switching them seemed to reset things. Also, make sure your cables all support faster speeds. 

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