Removing Sky Hub and using just Eero

So I’ve been having no end of problems using Eero with Sky culminating in me needing to put the Eero in bridge mode but have still been having problems.

I read on the Sky forum that in some cases you can remove the Sky Hub entirely and use the Eero exclusively as the router/mesh WiFi, and the instruction I received to do this are as follows:

“Select the WAN interface section of router GUI, then select dual-stack option WAN interface for IPv4 & IPv6, for the address select DHCPv6 (dynamic option not static), enable prefix delegation (PD) on WAN and then select SLACC for IPv6 creation method on LAN interface”

However, not being terribly technical I don’t know where to go in the Eero app to make these changes. Has anyone here had experience doing this and would you be able to point me to where to do this in the app?! 

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    Hi  eero does not have these sorts of advanced setup options.  Also, eero must be able to get access to the internet via IPv4 in order to working.

    The options eero has for upstream connectivity is in the eero app->Settings->Network Settings->ISP Settings.  In there you have an option for DHCP, Static IP or PPPoE (if the eero supports it which all eero 6/Pro 6 and later do) and a Uplink VLAN Tag.

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