Amazon Echo Show latency issues.

I have a 3 unit Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi 6 system. This is on a Cox Gigabit service that consistently provides 930Mbs service (via the built-in Eero speedtest.)

I get 400 to 600Mbs WI-FI speed at my Echo Show 8 And Echo Show 10.

My brother has as Echo Show 8 gen 1.

When I Drop-in or call my brother's Echo show 8, the call starts off providing real-time responsiveness, but shortly into the call, we start getting latency on the video, as the call goes on, the latency increases. This goes on until the video is 15 to 30 seconds behind the audio.

We have rebooted the network, after waiting for 60 seconds (per Amazon support), and the latency is minimized, but then slowly increase again..

My brother's daughters Drop-in on him often, they do not have these issues.

I have Dropped-in on my brother's Echoshow via  Alexa on my cell phone while driving around and the video Latency never occurs.

I have turned on the Echo labs, video conferencing setting, the first Drop-in that we had, after turning this setting on, did have the latency during the call.

Does anyone have any ideas on what settings I should/could change to try to fix this? 

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    • td76
    • 1 yr ago
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    Do you have multiple eeros? We have 3 pros and 1 beacon.  Devices don't always automatically connect to the nearest\best eero specifically my echo shows. If there's a software update or reboot, the echos connect to the first available eero device instead of the closest\strongest. Easy fix for me, go into the echo show, forget network, turn it's WiFi off then on. Finally reconnect. It will (in my experience) connect to the closest\strongest eero

      • Minizorg
      • 1 yr ago
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       td76 Thank you. 
      It is something else I have worked with EERO support now, several caqlls. We have adjusted many settings, turned off EERO security features, Deleted My Profile, Moved EERO main router, Unplugged all but one EERO. Nothing has fixed this yet.
      I am currently on a zoom Call on my Echo Show 8, The call is clear with no latency in the video.

      It looks like it has something to do with Amazon's video conferencing software and the EERO network/My Motorola Modem.

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