Problem Printing to Wireless Computer from Wired Network

I have what I would think would be a fairly typical network setup. My Eero is hardwired to an ethernet switch. The switch is also connected to my cable router. Both the Eero and the cable router run DHCP. Devices hardwired into the switch get IP addresses of 192.168.0.XXX while wireless devices that connect to the Eero get IP addresses of 192.168.4.XXX.

My problem is that I have a wireless printer, which has an IP address of and devices that are hardwired into the switch cannot print to (or ping) this printer. I feel like I need to explicitly tell "something" that it should route all traffic from the 192.168.0.XXX network destined for the 192.168.4.XXX network to go through the Eero.

I think switching the Eero to bridge mode would result in everything getting 192.168.0.XXX addresses and would fix the problem, but then I would lose the filtering and other benefits that the Eero provides, correct?

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    You have two options to fix this issue (because you're running two routers):

    1. Switch to bridge mode on eero, but then yes, you would lose filtering and Secure+, etc
    2. Wire your eero directly to your cable router, and then wire the network switch to your eero. Then all your devices would be running through the eero and using the same DHCP server (and router) so they would all communicate with each other.

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