Choosing specific nodes for devices

It would be beneficial at times to force devise to specific nodes.  At times I will have a device that is connected to a node that is much further away and has numerous other devices connected..  

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    While technically speaking, it is feasible to try and trick a device into joining a certain access point, it's not how wifi normally works, and it's not necessarily an easy or reliable way of doing it. It's up to the device to choose when to roam and which AP to join. And sometimes (oftentimes, it feels like) devices are pretty dumb at making this decision. But one thing you can do to get a device to connect to a closer eero is to disable wifi on the device, wait a few seconds, and turn wifi back on. That usually does the trick.

    • tannebil
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    Some of the more clever APs monitor the client signal strength and deauthorize the client when the AP decides it should switch to a different access point. The client should then attach to the best AP. Of course, the devil is in the details as the AP decision is "deauthorize a client when another access point can offer a substantially better connection" which means the AP had to know about the other AP points the client could use and the client signal strength at those access point. And, of course, "better connection" involves more than signal strength as AP load matters as does the band, as does the connection speed to the other device. For example, at some locations in my house, the fastest route to the Internet may be different than the fastest route to a local server. 

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    Hi  johncross0013 —

    Thanks for reaching out and for your suggestion!

    We actually have an existing feature request for this in our community. It can be found here. I encourage you to chime in and add your interest to the topic there.

    Thanks again!

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