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I'm not sure about you, but I recently came to Eero for a solution that "just works" as well as offered a great app with a great UI that was not cluttered.  I love that Eero is growing, changing making it better for us, their customers, but may I suggest Eero that when we open our "new and improved" app that all of the different "tree's" of our various connected devices were closed (or minimized) when we open our Eero app.  Or maybe offer us the option to select a minimized or a maximized view.  Now when I open the app, the first thing I do is minimize everything, and then what I went to the app to do.

How about you Eero community, what are your thoughts?

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  • Absolutely hate the revised app. !!

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  • I must admit I'm not a fan of the new app myself but it is what it is and I'll live with it. In my opinion the old app it replaced had one of the most attractive and intuitive interfaces of any application out there - sometimes less is more.  

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    • David S I would agree 100%

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  • No top devices, no adding/changing nicknames, no easy way to see how many total devices, no easy way to see what speed my ISP is providing... the list goes on. Why “fix” something that clearly wasn’t broken? You guys had a near 5-star rating that dropped to under 3.5 overnight. It’s clear no one likes this new app. Just please admit you were wrong and bring back the old app.

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    • BYack I agree.  I would have not updated my app if I had known this was the result.  A UI like this has evolved to is part of the reason I left Netgear.  If I could roll back my app I would in a minute.

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  • Agree with everyone above - very frustrating to have something that is less intuitive to use thrust upon us.  Did they focus test this app?  From the moment you launch it (color scheme is downright putrid) it's a sober realization that a giant step backwards has just occurred. 

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  • I as well preferred the old iOS UI. Wish there was an option to use "legacy" mode. I especially enjoyed the view of connected devices with download speeds. (This can easily check at any time what device is connected)

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