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With the new eero and eero beacon, will the original eero's still be upgraded, i.e. will the new app features and the eero plus package work on the original eero?   I have a setup with 5 original eeros all hardwired together, and would certainly hope I can get some more life out of them and new features since I've only have this setup since january.

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  • Hi  jkingsle

    Thanks for writing in! We will absolutely continue to support our 1st generation hardware with our software updates, which include enhancements for security, performance, as well as new features. Some features may be limited based on hardware limitations, however, upcoming features like eero Plus will work across all eeros. Also, our 2nd generation hardware is backward compatible, so you can even add our new eeros and eero Beacons to your existing network.

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  • Jeff C. Thanks Jeff.   Glad to know that.  Going forward it would be great to see a clear matrix of features that are not supported on the original eero to help decide one's upgrade path.   I've been very happy with eero todate, but have only had it for about 6 months, so am hesitant to invest in new hardware and hope that most of your new features will continue to work on the original eero.

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  • Great feedback! We will be more than happy to provide that resource when the time comes in our Help Center.

  • It's dissapointing to see such new hardware already enter the land of obsolete. I certainly didn't see that in the marketing material when I bought my 5 eeros. I've been asking for months to be able to control website content and keep getting a blow off answer. I guess that due to the new gen 2.  Funny how less expensive systems released at the same time as gen 1 have that feature. I sure hope the company lives up to its brand promise.  

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  • Swolf67

    Thanks for writing in. While we launched our 2nd generation eero hardware, our 1st generation product is far from obsolete. As mentioned above, we will continue to support the previous generation with our software updates. In fact, they will receive the same update as the 2nd generation eeros receive and will continue to going forward.

    We appreciate the feature requests, and we encourage you to continue to do so. We are always evaluating new features and enhancements, and a lot of what goes into those decisions is based on the feedback we receive from our customers.

  • Okay - given that the request  for website content control has been made. When can an action plan be expected?

  • Swolf67 —

    At this time, a desktop interface is not planned. However, we will continue to monitor interest and consider it as an option.

  • Swolf67 —

    After re-reading your initial post, it occurred to me that perhaps you were asking about advanced parental controls like content filtering. I do apologize if there was any misunderstanding on my part.

    If that is the case, we also announced our upcoming enterprise-grade security suite, eero Plus. While your eero network will always be kept secure from threats, eero Plus adds an extra layer of security for both your devices and individuals on your network.

    With eero Plus, you will have access to advanced network security to protect your devices from malware, phishing attacks, other online threats, as well as content filtering options to ensure every person and the devices in your home are safe from coming across any unsuitable content. All filtering options will be specific o each user, so it isn't an all-or-nothing setting for everyone on your network.

    We will also be including VIP support with eero Plus, which helps you quickly get in touch with our support team to get any questions or issues you may have taken care of as quickly as possible.

    We will have more details in the coming weeks, but for more information, you can visit https://eero.com/plus .

  • Great news 

  • Swolf67 Yep! And I should also mention (just in case) that eero Plus will absolutely work with 1st generation eeros.

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