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My family has both galaxy 7s and iphone 7s..we live in an area with no cell coverage so all of our calls are made on wifi.

If i am in one area of my home on a phone call and move to another area far away from initial point,will the eero system swap to another unit without dropping the call?

I currently have great wifi coverage.  Problem is that it is in 3 different units that must be reconnected to each time you move.  If eero can seamlessly (have learned that seamless can mean many things...lol)  keep the call connected as i move around the house it would be the solution i have been seeking.

Secondly, i get 60mps when connected directly to the modem..that speed drops to around 35mps coming from my current wifi router...if eero is full duplex will the speeds from the eero be higher than on a standard wireless router?




Moreland, ga.

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    Hi  Scottmarlowe

    Thanks for reaching out and for your question.

    eero can definitely handle WiFi calling between eeros, and most users experience no issues when roaming. However, it should be known that roaming is handled by the client device, so performance can vary.

    If you are willing to give eero a shot, there is no pressure to see how it works in your situation. Purchases through store.eero.com come with a 30-day no-questions-asked return period.

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