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Just wondering if others are experiencing issues with Chromecasts after the 2.0 updates.

The scenario is that a Chromecast will be connected to the network without issue and all of a sudden, it will stop being available to other devices on the network. Scans will not show it as an available device, however the Chromecast is still able to communicate to the internet ( the background pic changes...However that could possibly be cached)

I think I've narrowed the issue down to the Chromecast hopping onto another eero node. It seems once it switches, it loses whatever broadcast functionality that allows it to be found.

A reboot of the Chromecast usually brings it back online.

I've never had this issue up until the 2.0 updates.


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  • Based on this thread I turned my guest network on, then off again.  My missing Chromecast became available immediately.  I was even having trouble finding my Roku3 with the Android app, and it came back as well.

  • Same solution worked for my Eero (v1) network with Chromecast v1. I didnt have an Eero guest network on but turning it on immediately

    made my Chromecast discoverable and able to be cast to. I had previously tried hard reset of Chromecast and reboot of Eero network to no luck. Once i turned Eero guest net on the chromecast hust appeared without having to do anything else. 

  • Well, really glad I found this thread as 1 year on, this is a) still happening! b) switching the guest network on (or off) is the solution to the issue (regardless of whether your Chromecast was ever part of the guest network or not)


    I am happy to try and diagnose with any member of the Eero engineering team if that is useful...

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  • My problem is that Chromecast and Eero seem to be nearly incompatible with each other. Yes, the Chromecast can connect, but when you're trying to stream something, the Chromescast is connected to 5Ghz while my phone connects to 2.4Ghz, and both are right next to the Eero. 

    It's ridiculously frustrating not to be able to tell the Eero to anchor a device to that one and tell it to connect 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz. I've had my Eeros for about 2 years, but after 2 years of this issue where I can't get my phone to stream to multiple Chromecasts, I'm at my end with Eero. I love the concept, but I'm finding that the Eero simply isn't smart enough to handle a simple task. 


    Am I missing a backstory between Eero and Google, because this seems like a simple thing that would fix a ton of our problems?

    • campt I have 6 Chromecasts (4 ultras and 2 2nd gens) and they all work perfectly.

      • campt
      • campt
      • 3 yrs ago
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      txgunlover how many eeros do you have? I have 4, one upstairs that serves as the main, and 3 downstairs. 


      So you've never had any issues "seeing" your Chromecast from Netflix, Hulu, etc? 


      I'm constantly having to try and force my phone or the Chromecast to connect to the same node. If not, you cannot send a movie or video to the Chromecast. 

  • I have 5 2nd gen's total.  3 down 2 up.   I never have problems seeing my Chromecasts, Google home's, or my groups from any Android app.  Whether that's on my Tabs or phones (S10+, S9, S8+, Note9).

      • campt
      • campt
      • 3 yrs ago
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      txgunlover man, I wonder why mine are so problematic. It's not just me either. My wife (iPhone) also has the exact same issues. It's like the Eero doesn't allow the phone to see the Chromecast while trying to stream from Netflix, Hulu, etc. 


      When I searched online I saw others had the same issue, which is also where I saw the "guest access" fix. It occasionally works, but is very unreliable. 

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