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Just wondering if others are experiencing issues with Chromecasts after the 2.0 updates.

The scenario is that a Chromecast will be connected to the network without issue and all of a sudden, it will stop being available to other devices on the network. Scans will not show it as an available device, however the Chromecast is still able to communicate to the internet ( the background pic changes...However that could possibly be cached)

I think I've narrowed the issue down to the Chromecast hopping onto another eero node. It seems once it switches, it loses whatever broadcast functionality that allows it to be found.

A reboot of the Chromecast usually brings it back online.

I've never had this issue up until the 2.0 updates.


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  • Hi  Porthos —

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear the trouble you are having with your Chromecast.

    We haven't seen any issues like this, but we'd be happy to take a look to ensure everything is optimally setup. If you haven't yet, Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

    • Jeff C. I have the same problem all the time.

  • I haven't experienced this 

  • I only have Chromecast built in to my Vizio TV, but it works fine. You might want to go Network Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Reservations & Port Forwarding.

    Then, Add a Reservation for the Chromecast. This has helped me on a few devices in the past that couldn't figure out what they wanted to do (notably, a printer).

  • Porthos

    +1 JTswift

  • I have the same issue. I don't believe its Chromcast because it happens periodically to all of my 3 CC devices. It can either be a CC software bug, or Eero WiFi which they all have in common. I can ping them while they are undiscoverable. Unable to see them either in Google home App, or LocalCast App. 

  • Hi  mannycal70@gmail.com

    Thanks for reaching out. We haven't seen any issues with Chromecast. If you haven't yet, I suggest contacting our support team so we can take a look into what you are experiencing. 

    Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com .


  • Jeff 

    I decided to turn off the guest wifi and the CC started to show up. Another thing I thought about was that my phone connects at 5Ghz and CC is at 2.4. 

  • Thanks for following up, Manny.

    It sounds like the issue is that either your phone or the Chromecast were on the guest network while the other was on the main network. To cast content to a Chromecast, it needs to be on the same SSID as the device it is coming from. I hope that helps!

  • I wish that was the issue, at least we'd know for sure, Both phone and AP were in the same SSID. Guest had nothing on it. I was just trying something different to see of something would change and it did. Let's see how long it lasts :)

  • Ah, ok good to know. We will definitely keep an eye out as well, and please let us know if you see this happen again.

  • I have this exact same issue, right down to the guest access fix! 

    Chromecast is showing in the Eero app as connected, but using Fing it doesn't show up on the network. It is receiving network data though as it cycles news and photos etc. However Android can't find it on the network either. 

    Then the moment guest access is turned off on Eero, the Chromecast connects again. Note my SSID for guest is different to normal network, and neither of my devices is on the guest network (nor has even been setup to connect to guest... So there is no risk that one was on guest and the other was not). 

    I am using Chromecast 2.0 if this helps. 


  • So far, after turning off Guest network, my 3 Chromecasts have been discoverable and without any more issues. 

    I see Eero patch coming eventually :).

    By the way, love my Eero!!!



  • Hi everyone—

    If you'd be willing to help us look into this issue, please open a ticket with our support team. You can shoot us an email to support@eero.com . If you can just let our team know that you are coming from this thread, and provide the email connected to your eero account, we'll be happy to investigate this.


  • mannycal70@gmail.com I've posted this on Reddit - you may wish to share your experience there also for the active members. Your post certainly helped me, so thought to share. Link is https://www.reddit.com/r/eero/comments/5xeof1/chromecast_issue_with_temp_fix/

  • I am also starting to have this issue on my eero as well.   The fix people talk about does not work for me, as I don't have my guest network enabled.  My eero is in bridge mode.  When I look at connected devices on the app, it is the only one to not show an IP.  I checked on in the gateway, C1000A, and it shows an IP there.  Gave it a static just to be safe, but still having the same issue.

  • I also have issues with my three Chromecasts (Gen 1). They connect to the eeros fine. They show up in my apps as castable devices, but when I go to cast from any app, the TV just shows it is loading the stream, but the stream never starts. My Chromecast 2 and Chromecast audios do not exhibit the problem. 

    I called in and the tech suspected it has to do with the original Chromecast being limited to the 2.4ghz band and the new 2+ eero software causing the Chromecast 1 to keep trying to connect to different nodes when starting a stream. He said he took notes for engineering, but looks like we are out of luck until a fix is delivered by eero. 



  • Hi  jrochman

    Thanks for chiming in and sorry to hear you are having similar issues with your Chromecast.

    As mentioned before, we actually don't have any known issues with Chromecast. Many devices, like the Chromcast, only work on the 2.4 GHz band and haven't been known to have issues. Would it be OK if I have a member of our team contact you via email so we can gather a bit more information about what is going on?

    Thanks again for reaching out!

  • Jeff C. 

    Sure. Like I said. I called in and he said it was not a known issue but took notes. The Request # was 102808. 

  • I am having same issue. Multiple chromecasts, all except the one built into vizio have this issue. Rebooting chromecast does not help. I have to unplug each eero and reboot the entire router network :(.

    I have the Chromecast v1 and v2's (2.4 & 5ghz versions).

    This doesnt happen when i use my dlink or netgear routers, only eeros.

  • Hi  jrmill84

    Thanks for reaching out. For us to troubleshoot with you, it would be best that you contact our technical support team. This type of issue requires a deeper dive into what is going on.

    For anyone else that has posted about this issue, if you are still experiencing trouble with Chromecast on your eero network and haven't yet contacted tech support, I encourage you to reach out as well. You can give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com .

  • Discovered an interesting linked issue. While watching through Chromecast (while working), disabling the Guest Network will cause the Chromecast to temporarily disconnect, then reconnect to the Eero network. So there is something going on between the guest network and the Chromecast.

    To be clear, the chromecast has never been registered on the guest network, and my guest network has a completely different SSID to main network.

  • Hi Oliie --

    Thanks for joining the discussion.

    Just to clear up any potentional confusion, when you disable the guest network, your entire network will reboot. This means all client devices will temporarily disconnect from your network.

    If you are experiencing an issue similar to what others have reported here, please follow the steps provided above regarding contacting support if you haven't already. Our team will be happy to look into it, and pass along any feedback so that we can look into what is going on.

  • Oh that's interesting. Thanks for letting me know. 

  • Oddly enough for me I was having the same issue with the guest network already disabled. I went ahead and enabled the guest network and boom the chromecast is working now.

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  • Turn off your Guest Network.  I started having the same problem with my Chromecast & Roku when I enabled Guest Access.  The problems stopped when the media devices only had one eero SSID to select from.

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