iPhone X losses connection until eero reset.

Hey everyone,


For about 2 weeks now I have been experiencing this issue. My iPhone will "connect" to my wifi, but won't actually be on it. The eero app says my phone is idle and trying to do anything that requires internet on the phone just loads infinity. Resetting my wifi will fix this issue until I leave my house and come back. 

I have tried restarting my wifi, my phone, and neither work. It should also be noted that my phone is the only one experiencing this issue. No other devices on the network are. 

On the network are 2 desktop PCs. An Xbox. An HP Printer. An iphone 8.  A Netvue camera. An Amazon Firestick and a Samsung TV. 

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  • Same exact issue.  It’s been plaguing me for months and I can’t figure a fix out.  

  • I have the same issue, the temporary fix is to turn of and the right back on my wifi on any of my Apple products. On my Apple TV I have to restart it. This is very frustrating. All of my google and amazon devices work fine with no issues

  • Thanks for lifting this up, Kozer. Have you attempted forgetting the network and reconnecting in your iPhone X settings? Additionally, I encourage you to reach out to support@eero.com so we can take a better look at your network. If you mention "community forum" in the subject line, we'll ensure a Senior Specialist takes a look at your issue.

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  • I have the exact same problem, with 2 iPhones in the house that keep getting lost to eero. Once eero connection is lost the iPhone shows as having max wifi signal strength, but the eero app on the phone doesn't show the phones any more. This means the phones lose connections to printers, Sonos etc.

    I have tried, restarts of eero, modem restarts, airplane mode on/off, wifi on/off, phone reboots, none of that works. The only way to fix it is to ask the iPhone to "forget" the network and rejoin it. It's crazy I have to do this several times a day on two devices. Anyone got any ideas please?


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  • My wife and I just bought six eero hubs and we are experiencing the same issue.  Whenever our iPhones try to connect to the WiFi through the hub in our office, our phones will lost wifi and about 10 seconds later the hub will go offline. We unplug the hub and set it back up but it just does it again.  We've "forgotten" the network on our phones but it still doesn't work.  I have an iPhone X and she has an 8.  We are very frustrated and need some help.

  • Returning my eero router today. It is absolute garbage. Mine and my wife's iPhones lose connection (not wifi) about 10 times a day. 

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