Please admit you have a Sonos problem

I’ve spent dozens of hours with you resetting EEros and Sonos only to have the same problems reoccur: getting an improper encoding error on Sonos. Finally giving up. Call eero support and you can’t accept return because I bought through a retailer. Really?  Seriously? Your product doesn’t work. I don’t know why. I replaced it with a Nighthawk and my home WiFi and my Sonos work like a charm!  

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  • Sorry you could never seem to get the issue resolved. I know a number of other eero customers (including myself) use Sonos speakers in our homes with no issues, so it can/does work. I’ve heard from an eero developer that Sonos doesn’t work well on a mesh WiFi system like eero and eero had to do a ton of specialized engineering to get it work well. I’m guessing if you had just gone down to one eero unit (which is like what you’re doing now with your single Nighthawk router), that it would’ve worked fine then.

  • DallasLongboard  Thanks for bringing this up! I have a surprising amount of issues with my Sonos system on the Eero. I am in a long 650sq ft. Jersey City apartment with 3 Eero Pros and 5 Sonos devices. I would not think the overkill of a network provided by Eero would ever be a problem with Sonos. Unfortunately, I have daily problems with jitter, discovery issues, and other playback problems. Obviously this can very much be a Sonos-related issue and I am also bringing this up with Sonos support. To note, I also have constant issues with AirPlay through the Eero system into Sonos...

    The real driving force of my frustration here is that Eero (and Sonos for that matter) claim to be a top-level tech company, yet with some simple consumer-level issue they seem to not have anything in place. I have been a huge supporter of Eero since signing on but these constant issues are quickly making me second-guess that decision. 

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