Eero drops internet connection several times a week

For a long time my Eero just worked.

In the past week we've had three occasions where we lost internet.

On Feb 28th we had a loss in the evening, I rebooted (using the App) the Eero, but not the modem for ISP. (TekSavvy).

On Mar 1st @5:30 am, my wife tried to use her computer - she had no internet. She unplugged the Eero and eventually it worked.

Everytime in the past few months when I see an internet problem I check the app on my phone. The app claims were connected even when I can prove we're not.

Since rebooting Eero always seems to solve the problem I have a pretty strong suspicion that the Eero is at fault.

Other details:

- Eero software version: v6.2.0-1837

- Eero is setup to do its own DHCP

Irony as checked the About box for other version information, I saw: Finally, Wi-FI that always works. I wish that were true.

- Mark

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  • I have seen the same thing with Telus. eeros don't have red lights, app says network is online, but no traffic will pass. It can be resolved by rebooting the gateway eero and/or the modem.

    I have experimented with other home network solutions recently, and they have the same issue. I would encourage you to reach out to TekSavvy to make sure they check their end of it.  Also make sure you aren't double-NAT'd.

      • mlevison
      • mlevison
      • 6 mths ago
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      thatsthequy Why ask TekSavvy? They seem very unlikely to be the problem here. The modem is new (~6 mths old). More important the last 3 times we have had a problem rebooting the Eero has solved the problem. Based on this shouldn't I be looking at problems in the Eero first?


      Double Nat? Yes we are. However all network traffic in the house goes through the Eero, so while its inelegant I can't see the technical problem here.




    • mlevison 


      We are going to want to do troubleshooting to look into this. It can still be either the eero or the modem at this point. If the modem is losing internet, it would cause the eeros to lose internet and you mentioned that your are in a double NAT and the upstream router could be preventing the eero from reconnecting. It is a possibility. 

      I would suggest that you call our phone support the next time your network goes down so we can do troubleshooting while the network is experiencing the behavior. I have shared a link below that will help you identify the best number for you to call.


      Some suggestions I can make, if possible try and bridge mode your upstream router. eeros work best when they are not having to negotiate with an upstream router. This could also be caused by eero placement as well. I have shared an article below that will provide tips on optimal eero placement. We also suggest that eeros be placed between 35-45ft away from any other eero. 


      After you try those steps, if you are still experiencing the outages, I would reach out to our phone support so we can assist you while being able to monitor the network.

      Thank you,


      eero Support

      • mlevison
      • mlevison
      • 6 mths ago
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      James thanks for the info. Forgive me I go in reverse order.

      1. Eero distance - the base unit is in our basement about 5 feet from the modem. The only other mesh unit we own is on the main floor a distance away. This placement has never before been a problem.
      2. Bridge mode - is there any reason not to put the Eero in Bridge Mode and give the DHCP to the router?
      3. I didn't even know there was a tech support number - cool. 

      So the key question - can I just flip the eero to bridge mode?



    • mlevison Hello,

      Yup! You can place the eero in bridge mode. If you do, you just lose pretty much all of the tools that come with the eero router. However, for some people this is what they prefer.

      Thank you,


      eero Support

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