Eero 6 Pro Terrible performance in Bridge Mode

I have been enjoying Eero so far for the most part but encountered some major issues when I bought a Sonos, I enabled bridge mode and was able to get my Sonos set up and connected but have been having serious problems with the entire network.


Problems include:

  • High latency on wifi connections (gaming)
  • Devices can connect to network but dont show it as an active wifi
  • Generally slow speed over wifi

My main PC is hardwired from one of the access points (ethernet plugged into one of the mesh points and not the main router) and has been having latency issues as well, when bridge mode was off I never had an issue.


Current Set up: Fiber Modem -> Eero pro gateway -> 2 eero pro mesh points


Any help would be appreciated, would love to be able to use my sonos without killing my internet.

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    • cMoo92
    • 1 yr ago
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    Why did you enable bridge mode in eero to setup your Sonos equipment? That wouldn’t work in your network with the you describe your topology. All you needed to do was just setup your Sonos was to join it to your existing eero Wi-Fi.

    • Enthusiast
    • thatsthequy
    • 1 yr ago
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    Be careful with Sonos, if you set it up wrong it will actually tunnel the mesh backhaul over its radio instead of the eero.

    • MiamiC70
    • 1 yr ago
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    Don’t game on WiFi !

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