Ethernet Device shows as wrong Device Name

I noticed yesterday that a device on my Eero mesh network was showing up as the wrong name, and was looking for some guidance.  Here is the scenario...

First, all laptops and devices using WiFi show the correct name in the Eero app. Always.

I bought my wife a new laptop (let's call it LAPTOP1) last October and after it was all setup - including on WIFI, I connected it via Ethernet to main Eero device in order to download all of her needed info.  After it was complete, I put it back on WIFI and all is well.

Earlier this week, I needed to connect another laptop (let's call it LAPTOP2) via ethernet.  It obtained a solid connection and performed great.  When I looked in the Eero app, however, it was showing that device as LAPTOP1 on Ethernet, and not Laptop2 on ethernet. When I look at the download GB in the app, it's all under LAPTOP1, which which has been on WIFI consistently. Weird, right?

I've never seen this before and wonder if anyone has seen it... or has a suggestion on how to fix this.  Thanks. 

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    This is where people get confused.

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