Sonos Room keeps dropping out

Emailed eero support, but wanted to see if the community had any suggestions.

I just replaced my Linksys router with an eero wifi system.  Now one of my Sonos rooms does not appear on my Sonos app anymore.  I have 7 rooms on my Sonos.  Each has worked flawlessly for the past 2 years.  Now with the Eero one room has disappeared.  It is the "bathroom" zone.  When I reboot all the zones the bathroom zone will appear in my sonos app briefly.  But it soon disappears.  Always the same zone.

The system is 7 Sonos connect:amps.  All are wired by Ethernet.  The modem goes to the eero, an Ethernet cable comes out of the eero to a switch.  The switch sends cables out to multiple other devices.  One of those cables goes to a Sonos connect.  The other 6 Connects are daisy chained behind the first Connect.  The other two eero devices are connected via Ethernet cable through the switch.  None of this is wireless-based.

I have unplugged the modem, eero, switch, and all Sonos devices.  Left them unplugged for a few minutes and then re plugged in the modem, then the eero, then the switch, then each Sonos.  Same result.

Again, this exact setup has worked flawlessly with the Linksys.  Any help would be great.



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  • Hi  TCStuckey3

    Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear the trouble you are having getting this Sonos online. Our team should be able to help with some troubleshooting to get this Sonos consistently online. 

    In the meantime, have you tested your WiFi connection with any other devices from the "bathroom" zone? Just want to ensure that you at least see a connection to other devices in that area.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding. We look forward to getting this resolved!

  • Jeff C. 

  • As I said, none of the Sonos is wireless.  All are connected to the switch with ethernet.

  • Sorry about that,  TCStuckey3 — that was an oversight on my part.

    I'm interested to hear any tips from the eero community, but our support team is more than happy to work with you on this. Someone should be in touch with you shortly. If necessary, we also are happy to work with Sonos Support so we can loop them in as well.

    Thanks again, we hope to get this all solved for you shortly.

  • I still have not heard anything from eero support

  • Hey TCStuckey3 --

    It looks like a member of our team has started to look into your case. You should hear back no later than tomorrow. I'll follow up with them first thing in the morning to check the status.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • I am experiencing the same issues. My Sonos zones (5 of them) disappeared and intermittently show back up. This started since the new Sonos release that was targeted at solving the WiFi drop call issues

  • Hi BFR

    We haven't been hearing of any current issues with Sonos. If you haven't yet, please contact eero support so we can take a look and make any suggestions.

    Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com .

  • Were the Sonos units previously using SonosNet or Wifi?  You might want to try turning off wireless in the Sonos units if they are all wired.  Sonos uses Spanning Tree and I was having trouble with Spanning Tree loops causing network storms and bringing things down due to a switch problem.  I have 8 Sonos units.  One is wired, the other 7 are wireless on SonosNet.  I have no issues with interference now with my eero's mesh.   You can go here for info on how to disable Wireless on the Sonos units since they are all wired via Ethernet.  


  • I have had the same problems, I had an Apple Airport Extreme and had no issues. Since I went to eero I have had nothing but problems and very frustrated. I have 4 sonos and have lost a whole zone. The cable input keeps dropping off and have had nothing but problems since I switched. The Sonos switch was wired direct through the ethernet. I have disconnected the wired connection and it seems to be working better. Eero needs to get their act together with Sonos . I am ready to throw both the eero and Sonos out the door! This is an issue that is not resolved and eero needs to fix it. I have 7 eeros throughout the house and this should not be an issue

  • I too have had issues since eero was installed. I have 6 sonos speakers and have had nothing but problems with them dropping off since I put eero in. I have emailed with support who basically blamed everything but the eeros, told me that sonos was the issue. I’m a bit irritated at the money spent with eero, substandard connectivity and support. 

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