Wireless Throughput Degrading Over Time

I have an open ticket on this, but thought I would begin a topic on the discussion forum to see if anyone else is experiencing anything similar with the current eero firmware.


Some background:


4 eeros (all wired to a cisco gigabit unmanaged switch)

eeros are in bridge mode

router (apple airport time capsule with wireless dialed) connected to Cisco

router connected to ISP

ISP consistently tests >300Mbps down / 20Mbps up

all wired ports on the LAN (Cisco switch) consistently test >300Mbps down / 20Mbps up

all secondary ethernet ports on the eeros consistently test >300Mbps down / 20Mbps up

after all eeros are power-cycled, eero wireless network consistently tests >300Mbps down / 20Mbps up

all devices connected to eero wireless network consistently show high signal, low noise


Problem is this:


From above, you can see that after a power cycle of the eeros,  throughput on the wireless network is rock solid, and consistent with the wired network.


However, over time (sometimes 20 min, sometimes up to a couple hours), throughput degrades gradually on the wireless network (all devices, but particularly on my MacBook Pro). So, for example, at first I will start to see maybe 50Mbps down / 10 Mbps up, then 20Mbps down / 5Mbps up and then eventually rock bottom:  about 1Mbps down / 0.25Mbps up. Typically this will remain until the eeros are power cycled again, after which, bandwidth will be perfect again, for a certain duration, and then begin degrade again in the exact same way.


I want to emphasize that even during times when the wireless network throughput is highly degraded:


(1) signal remains high

(2) wired throughput on the LAN remains high (>300Mbps down / 20Mbps up)

(3) in fact, wired throughput even through the 2nd ethernet port on the eeros remains high (>300Mbps down / 20Mbps up)

(4) the only remedy I have found once the wireless throughput degrades is to power cycle all the eeros


As a workaround, I have hung an Apple Airport Express off of the back of one of the eeros (wired into the 2nd ethernet port on one eero) and have it broadcasting its own network on a unique SSID, and that network has been rock solid, even when the eero network throughput degrades.


I don't know the cause of this obviously, it does seem to be isolated to wireless performance on the eeros. I suspect some sort of eero firmware issue that is leaking memory or otherwise bottlenecking due to some combination of circumstances related to my connected devices or traffic on my LAN, but that honestly is just a guess on my part.


Again, I have a ticket open with eero that has been escalated, but I thought I would open a public chat on this to see if anyone else has experienced anything even remotely similar with their eero network.




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    • FuzzyG
    • 7 yrs ago
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    I would like to know the result of this when it gets solved 

    • rcrcr
    • 7 yrs ago
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    You and me both, FuzzyG . Haven't seen any updates from eero on my case in a few days. I guess I'll follow up again tomorrow, and I will certainly post any insight that surfaces to this thread. In the meantime, though, I am feeling like I may need to (reluctantly) consider options for a different product.

    • FuzzyG
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Yeah hopefully they can say that they have some good data 

    • nflom
    • 7 yrs ago
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    I have the same problem and I'm about to scrap 8 EERO as a result 

    • eero Community Manager
    • Jeff_C
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Hi  nflom

    Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear the trouble you are currently experiencing with your network. That definitely isn't what we like to hear, and we'd be happy to continue to work with you to get this resolved.

    If you wouldn't mind, could you give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com ? Unfortunately, the community isn't the best place for back-and-forth troubleshooting, but our team will be more than happy to continue to look into what is going on and provide any next steps to resolve the issue.

    • rcrcr
    • 7 yrs ago
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    nflom If you work with eero Support, please post any outcome or insight here, if you are able. For me, this issue was mitigated by subsequent eero firmware updates, but never totally went away, So I am definitely still interested in the experiences of other folks in regards to this topic.

    • NJRonbo
    • 7 yrs ago
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    I am having the same sort of problem, about to scrap my entire system as well (which was expensive) and perhaps move to the Netgear Orbi.

    I am currently involved with eero tech support, but alas, via email they are VERY slow to respond.

    Here's my situation.....

    I live in a rather large home (not a mansion) with multi-levels and a basement. 

    I purchased a total of 5 eero units.  One for just about every level.  One level is so large that I put 2 units on that floor.

    Everything was fine when I was running at 75MBPS internet speed.  However, I suppose I really began seeing the limitations in eero coverage when I recently upgraded my service with Verizon Fios at 330MBPS.

    I can't get even close to that signal throughout the house. In fact, as I walk around my entire home sampling download speeds using FAST.COM and SPEEDNET, the speeds dramatically increase or decrease. Surprisingly, in a remote area of the house I actually am registering about 310MBPS, but it's not in an area I use.

    At best, my top signal wired (ethernet) to one of the remote eero units is about 100MBPS, but averages around 75MBPS.

    As described in the first post, signal is all over the place at any time.  From one minute to the next, I can sit here and measure the signal on multiple scan test sites and there is a sudden degradation in signal and then it bumps back up again a few minutes later.

    It's really driving me crazy.  I specifically bought a lot of these nodes to expand coverage and maintain a signal.  However, these units can't deliver much above 100MBPS on a 330MBPS system.

    Depending what review you read on the eero system (and I think I have read them all in the past 24 hours), you get eye-awakening statements like this one on CNN:

    "If you have a home internet connection with 200 Mbps or faster download speed, the Eero is definitely not for you since it can't maintain that speed at range or with multiple Eeros on one network."

    If this is true, then eero is a HUGE LOSS all around and maybe I should be looking at the Orbi.

    Tech support has been slow.  Basically sending one letter per day.  Some days, like today, I don't even get a response within 24 hours.

    Hoping to get this situation fixed, or, I am outta here and will just have to take the monetary loss (which is huge).  Judging from the lack of a solution posted here, I am guessing there is no solution and it's a huge flaw in these eero devices.







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