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I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but is there a way to just get the iphone app ported to the mac. I don't need a huge fancy thing just the iphone app. A small portrait rectangle on my desktop. And it doesn't even have to work out of network. It is VERY aggravating setting up my network,  making rules, opening ports and having to do all of it from my tiny phone screen. I feel bad for anyone who wears glasses trying to look at your app (sorry that was just mean. I'm just saying some of your type is very light and small). I just want to me able to type all of this stuff in. Pretty please!

The last time this was discussed there was a question of security on Windows. what do I care about Windows?

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    Sorry for this post going unanswered. We have an existing thread for a feature request for a desktop app here. For anyone else interested in this feature, please be sure to follow/chime in over there.


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