Using Circle with Eero

Is anyone using the Circle device with Eero to manage children's devices on a home network? I like Eero's ability to "turn off" devices, but Circle seems to allow you to set filters on a per-device basis. Just not sure how well Circle works in general -- and, in particular, if it works with Eero.

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  • I'm using it with Eero and it seems to be fine. The engineers at eero and others are not big fans of the device.

    Here is a brief description of how Circle works.

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  • Thanks for chiming in,  zaydon ! 

    Doug — if you wish to use Circle on your eero network and run into any issues, please feel free to contact our support team. 

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  • I'm now using CIrcle with my eero and everything seems to be working well. While some of the Circle functionality duplicates eero (such as the ability to pause wifi to certain devices), Circle provides added functionality (such as the ability to create filters for certain devices), which I like. Too bad eero doesn't offer all of this -- yet?!

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  • Hey folks. I tried Circle recently and while the setup was simple and it discovered my devices quickly, the moment i applied a filter at any level to a particular device, that device would not connect to the internet at all. Went through a few gyrations with Circle support, like disabling ipV6 on my Xfinity Gateway, but that seemed to only work on some devices and not all. 

    Any thoughts?

    My basic setup is attached for reference.


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  • Hey  ksupersano

    Thanks for chiming in. Sorry to hear the issue you are experiencing with Circle on your eero network. Our tech support team didn't see anything that would stand out from your topology. Mind getting in touch with support so they can take a look?

    Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at We'll look to get this sorted out for you!

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  • I just spent 1.5 hours with Eero tech support trying to figure out why ethernet connections through a switch connected to the gateway Eero would not work. A process of elimination led to the conclusion it was quite probably the Circle. The tech said the Circle would need to be connected to the gateway Eero directly and not via a switch. Problem is I need the switch and the Eero has only 2 ports, so it's switch or Circle (or ditch Eero for another system that has more than 2 ports). I'm dubious to reconnect the Circle and risk recreating the same problem. I plan to try Eero's features that might be similar to Circle, but what I definitely do not want to is pay the $10 per month for their content filtering service that is included in Circle, so if I don't use the Circle I give that up. I might try putting the whole Eero system (in "bridge" mode) behind another router that has more than 2 ports that itself can have both the Circle and switch connected to it. Net net, I'd be very wary of buying an Eero system if you enjoy using Circle. To the Eero engineers: please build a unit with more than 2 ports!

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    • TahoeGator Nick, eero CEO here. To add a little more color, even if we had more than 2 Gigabit ports, the Circle would still cause major issues. The biggest problem here, is that Circle uses ARP poisoning as a way of enforcing the content policies you set. What that means in practice is every request gets re-routed through their little box. This creates a huge amount of overhead for sending every packet and significantly decreases the performance of your network.

      Personally, I really like the Circle UX, but since it's not running natively on the network hardware you end up with the problems you've experienced. Give eero Plus a try, and if there are features from Circle that you miss after a week or two, let us know back on this thread. We're always adding new features to the eero Plus suite and would love your feedback.

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    • weaves big thumbs up for responding directly to the issue.  Happy to see you monitoring the threads on a holiday weekend.  Not many CEOs would do that.  

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    • weaves Hi. I am a long time eero user, right after kick starter and I have also been a Disney circle user as well. I have been experiencing issues with my network because of circle. weaves I agree with your statement. If you want to know my input I can tell you three major things that we want from eero plus. 

      1. Time management 

      Allow profiles to track total time used and the ability to pause based on time. For example, User has 2 hours total for the day. 


      2.  Better filtering. 

      Allow the the ability to filter more than just safe searches but maybe youtube or other apps. 

      3.  Out of home? 

      This is the biggest and most difficult one. Circle has circle Go. This allows an iPhone to still be filtered when on cellular. And it tracks total time. 


      Bottom line weaves I really want to use the eero plus and ditch the Disney circle. But how??? 

      I am frustrated because I spent so much money on 6 eeros  yet with circle my network doesn't work  I still need the functionality  

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  • Yes, great to see the discussion here on a thread I started some time ago. Personally, I gave up on Circle even before eero created its own parental controls, but I'm very happy with eero Plus (the only drawback I see is what has been said -- it's an ongoing fee as opposed to Circle, which only requires a one-time hardware purchase). And kudos to weaves for joining in here!

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  • Hi Nick ( weaves ) nice of the CEO to weigh in!

    I would echo what others have said about suggested enhancements (except the "out of home" which seems too much to ask for a home wi-fi system to provide), but I would caveat them by saying the ongoing monthly fee is definitely a burden when thinking long-term. I like our Eero Pro system a lot, but I would have reservations suggesting it to someone who uses Circle on account of some of the features being held back for the subscription. That said, as the CEO of a subscription business myself, I get it. Subscription revenue is better revenue than hardware sales. 

    P.S. for those of you using Circle before, consider what we did: we didn't tell our kids it has been disconnected.

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    • Hi TahoeGator -- the subscription pieces are because there's a lot of ongoing work to identifying problematic content and sites for parental controls. We are also working on a number of enhancements to improve the offering. We also have network security as a part of the service, which has a significant ongoing cost. All in all, we're just trying to deliver the best possible set of services (in addition to our hardware) to our customers as possible!

      Thanks for your support and feedback. 

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