Eero reporting Sonos devices hardwired when using WIFI

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Just installed Eero a week ago and enjoying so much better WIFI. I'm getting a kick out of discovering what devices are connecting to which Eero ( i have Eero Pro ). One weird thing i'm noticing. I have a Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 and Connect:Amp and all of them report as being hardwired (with no wifi frequency or signal strength), when they are all connected via Wifi (they are NOT using Songs Net).

Does this happen to everyone? is this just a bug in the Eero app?

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  • Yep. Same here. Just noticed it last night when I switched from wired to wireless.

    I think it might be related to the Sonos spoofing its MAC address. I have a network scanner that shows the Sonos using the same MAC address whether it's wired or wireless.

  • I think this is normal. All my Sonos devices show up as wired in the eero app even though they are all wireless. I know eero has some custom magic network voodoo built in specifically for Sonos to work properly across the mesh network, so I think this might be why they show up as wired devices.

  • Just wanted to chime in that my Sonos appear as wired, but are connected wirelessly as well. I have 6 in my system and am using a boost. 

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