Eero Plus Trial - First Impressions

So, I signed up for the trial of the Eero Plus service.  The install went fine and is Eero easy.  

I turned on the Ad Blocking, then visited cnn.com , forbes.com , and speediest.net - not only were there ads on the pages, some of the ads were for Eero... Strike one. I get that it's a beta, but it should do something after being turned on.

Secondly, I was hoping that the Encrypt.me service would be setup on the Eero's so that I wouldn't have to have a vpn client on every machine in the house. However, it looks like this isn't the case. The vpn account is accessed by installing Encrypt.me's client on my mac and iOS devices. While I am happy to have a client on my phone and laptop for when I travel, I wasn't psyched that I had to install a client on each of my machines. It says I can invite four people, but those four people in my house have more than four devices. Anybody know how that works? Three of us have laptops and phones, there are two iPads and also some desktops as well.....

I did test the speed through the vpn via wifi and wired connections through Encrypt.me's connection using speedtest.net and it was good and fast, I didn't notice any slow down.

Also, I happened to notice a network update after installing plus, so I fired that up and the install of the update failed twice.  Once I disabled the Advanced Security and the Ad Blocking Features, the update ran fine.  Disabling the plus features is also required if you need to change dns servers.  Reboots are required after these changes.  Tested ad blocking and there was no change after the update and re-startiing the service.

Haven't had a chance to setup 1Password yet, but I'm an existing customer who isn't on the monthly fee service.  I hope I can import my current vault!

Have not tried the Malware app yet.



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  • Hi  JP —

    Thanks for your feedback on your early impressions of eero Plus!

    For Ad Block, while this feature will block the ads found on most sites, we cannot block ads on certain sites due to how those sites function (or stop functioning) when an ad-blocking service is turned on. The eero ads were a mere coincidence 😀

    With regards to Encrypt.me , each of the five accounts can install the service on an unlimited number of supported devices.

    The issue you encountered updating your network isn't typical—you shouldn't need to disable eero Plus to run a network update. Please report this to support@eero.com if you haven't yet. We'll take a look right away.

    With 1Password, you won't lose your existing vault. You can find the steps to keeping your existing 1Password account while using your eero Plus membership here: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005659683-How-do-I-sign-up-for-1Password-

  • Jeff, I just sent an email to support regarding the network update.  Thanks for the info on the other stuff.

  • Jeff has always been great at answering our questions and helping with issues.  He is a wonderful compliment to Eero. 

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  • Looks like EERO needs some everyday, plain ole " just using the computer to find stuff" customers! LOL, not ALL 'puter experts, or 'tech smart' folks!

    Looking forward to investigating this device, and this 'blog'!😌

  • I've requested it already on their site, but we really need Encrypt.me to support Chromebooks. It's a big gap for me and others who rely on chromebooks at home (where I want the ad blocking) and on the road (VPN & Ad blocking).

    Appreciate it if Eero can reach out to encrypt.me regarding this gap in their coverage.

  • Is there a way to submit site names that showed ads that Eero missed?

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