ip 192.158 172.16 confusion

We've always used 192.168 and now eero is using 172.16 sometimes (which of course does not work as is not the gateway address).  The device will show the correct local wifi name but the dhcp shown is the useless 172.16 range.  If (on the device) I switch to Guest it works for a while.

And then, randomly(?) the problem eventually reappears. Happened on iPads, Samsung tablet, a wifi-radio .


Switching back and forth  fixes for a while.  This just started a month ago or so.  Been working fine before then

for a very long time..



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    • dandelot
    • 6 mths ago
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    Clarification: if, on the iPad (for example) I check the dhcp address, it  is 192.168 ... range correct and all works. Then when internet stops working and (on the iPad) I check dhcp address, it is now 172.16. !!   Nobody touched settings between!

    • dandelot
    • 6 mths ago
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    Also: we bought a new iPad December 10, 2023, and when we arrived home the problem happened for the first time, as far as we can tell.  Now happens over and over,  not instantly, but after  a period of internet access working....


    Because it seemed to start after being at the Apple store (which uses 172... in an open wifi for customers) I have been thinking this was an Apple problem.  Today I finally understood I was wrong.

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