Pointless zigbee hub in eero 6

I've recently purchased the eero 6 system and one of the benefits was the built in zigbee hub. It appears though, it is useless. I cannot get any zigbee device to connect to it. In the eero app it tells you to open the alexa app and follow the instructions to setup a zigbee device. There are no instructions!!

I can get the alexa app to find a zigbee switch put it calls it a plug and says 'server is unresponsive' and will not work. 

Does anyone else use the eero as a zigbee hub and if so, what smart devices have you managed to get to work? I'm installing no neutral lightswitches( and no capacitor preferably). 


Thank you. 

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    • mrsaxy
    • 1 yr ago
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    I got some Sonoff Zigbee plugs to try out. Easy enough to setup but never got them to connect to my eero Pro 6 units. They connected to my Echo 4th gen units, but were not reliable. They kept dropping offline. I finally gave up.

    • tom_crouch2
    • 7 mths ago
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    I have recently connected up a lot of zigbee devices (switches and bulbs) to eero+ hubs. Although an annoying and not very clear process through the Alexa app of having to select setup on Eero hub every time I didn't have any problems connecting to zigbee devices. The problem I do have is speed, reliability of routine executions, and correct zigbee device statuses. When performing a routine on a group of devices in the same location it can take up to 30 seconds between the first and last device responding, and in some cases they do not respond at all. I got eero as I was planning to connect a lot of smart devices following house renovation and thought it would be the most performant and scalable solution. I think I'll need to try a different smart hub and to validate if it's the devices or eero smart hub not fit for purpose. Interested to know if anyone else has had any positive/negative experience? 

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